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by AP
Rated: E · Poetry · Dark · #2168140
Hi, this poem is part of a bigger poem. I hope you enjoy it, and please drop a review.


A long time ago in a dark lone wood,
I ran with a man, our faces covered in hood,

My best friend was he,
Inseparable, time had made we,

For my destiny had been written before me,
I was not to walk free,

We set to work, he and me,
Dug up the Earth why, you will see,

Ho, behold our duty we, placed beneath an oaken tree,
There from, we walked away and as fate would be,

Ten paces forth, I turned and flung my knife,
And in its motion I traced it as it took his life,

Down he was felled, motionless, dead,
His lifeless body fixed me, as the wound bled

In that instant I knew, his unmoving frame,
Would never let me be the same,

I turned into that wood, no one saw me flee,
As I ran from the marked oaken tree.


Three good friends took upon themselves a tale,
Their friendship they believed never to fail,

A road of dread and despair,
They chose to walk it with flair,

Warned as they were of their choice,
But all they did was rejoice,

At their opportunity to strengthen their ties,
And eradicate any lies,

They bowed before their king,
On their fingers glittering their ring,

"my lord, we accept your decree,
Till we do our duty, we shan't walk free"

"Be well my good men, I swear that your kin,
Will never be done any sin"

"May your troubles be shed,
May you always find bread,
May you never feel a parched throat,
And may your vessel always float"

"Be well my good men, for you have chosen,
Your path, your destiny, it closens"

Blessing his warriors, he bid them on their way,
The three good men strode out with pride, their steps showing not a sway,

So, the three young men set off in readiness,
Unclear, whether their courage is to be taken for foolishness.

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2168140-A-TALE-OF-DEEP