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by brom21
Rated: ASR · Short Story · Supernatural · #2168187
In an existence made up of 17 dimensions, danger comes from an unknown celestial realm
Kier breathed in the cool, moist air of his home realm of Nethaal. A light breeze was the last thing he would feel before stepping through the spiraling, green portal between two tall obelisks. For a few moments he was being jettisoned through a tunnel of the same green light. It was something he always liked about traveling between worlds. In less than a minute, he was in the magical city Asgard. It was his favorite dimension to be in – not just because of its fabled rainbow bridge, and its magnificent inhabitants, but for its library, the largest in all the seventeen realms. He loved knowledge!- more than being a Realm Walker. Yet the only realms he was allowed access were, Asgard, Middle-Earth, The Nether verse, and his home realm of Nethaal. Kier was on his way to see Oden. Kier respected the immortal ruler. However, he rarely talked with beings from other realms.

A centaur neared Kier from his left. “Odin, has asked I relay your message, whatever it is, through me.”

Typical. the Realm walker thought as he chuckled lightly. “Very well. A few of the worlds have asked for your intervention; there have been rumors of a talisman smuggler who originates from Middle-Earth.”

“Is that all?”

“Indeed. I will wait however long it takes to get word from your king.”

“Many inhabitants seek audience with King Odin. It could take as long as a fortnight.”

“Very well. I will return at that time. My best wishes to the king. Goodbye.”

“Farewell.” The centaur nodded with a glare in his eye.

Kier knew centaurs to be brash and quite forthcoming; they had little regard for feelings or manners. But Kier simply looked down with a smile and shook his head at the fact. He stepped back through the portal and was where he had just come from – the realm of Nethaal. He straitened his back and took a deep breath.

He made his way out of the garden where the obelisks stood, and made his way to the main hall.

A voice came from behind him. “Hello Kier.” It was the voice of Princess Ithia.

The man returned with a prompt bow. “Greetings your highness.”

“How did you fare in Asgard?”

“Odin is an austere soul. He is the only one in the seventeen realms that does not hold inter travel as the integral priority.”

“He is a bit of a prat is he not?” Ithia spoke with a laugh.

“He is a person of difficult demeanor. I surmise he believes his “mannerism” is out of a sense of responsibility to his own.”

“Well I think he should do otherwise.” Ithia rolled her eyes and snuffed.

“Perhaps. Now, I graciously ask your permission to retire early.”

“You may,” the princess said with smile.

Kier left her with his azure cape flailing behind him. He entered a broad corridor leading to a square room. It was lined with book shelves. Many of his books came from different dimensions. His favorite volumes were those that told the history of the seventeen realms. He took off his cape and slipped into his bed.

The next morning, Kier rose at the crow of a rooster. Orange and red light came in from a stain glass window to his left. He stood and smiled. “Ah, how I love mornings!” Kier stretched and wore his cape. Today was his day off. He would begin his day with some reading. He perused through his collection and picked out a volume of the old wars before peace was made between the realms. After two hours, he closed the book. “I think a nice stroll through the city would be pleasant.”

Kier left the castle and went out to the commoner’s concourse. He smiled and greeted those who passed him by. Then he made it to his favorite place to relax, The Grove of the Blessed. He went deeper into a darker area of the grove. He was about to sit on a bench when a glowing disk that circled like a whirlpool appeared. He gasped. How could any portal materialize outside the chamber with the obelisks?

Keir’s mouth gaped and he stepped back. Out of the portal came a wounded unicorn. Kier cleared his head of any tension and took a dep breath to calm his fast heartbeat. He raced to the fallen creature and kneeled down. “Stay with me. I have a healing potion back at the castle.”

The dying unicorn could barely speak. “Chaos…war.”

“I don’t comprehend. What has happened to you?”

“Asgard…is in trouble. You must help…them.” Then the creature’s head went limp and it wen still.”

This was serious. The poor creature. What has occurred? And why did a portal appear out of thin air? “I must investigate and report to the king!”

The portal was still there but it was starting to dim and shrink. “He stood for a few moments and before he could ponder a new thought, a large long arm reached through and grabbed him and pulled Keir inside the portal. He found himself in the hand of a bulky gigantic ogre in a cataclysmic Asgard. The portal closed. Then the behemoth released Kier as an arrow pierced into the forehead of the ogre. It staggered like a drunkard until it tumbled onto the ground with the back of an arrow protruded out of it.

Kier saw what the unicorn described – Phoenixes were fighting griffins, Elves were trading magic attacks with gnomes, centaurs were brawling with Minotaur’s. Much of the city was crumbling and was on fire. What was he supposed to do? Just as he began to contemplate, two other portals appeared-on one his left the other to his right. Kier opted for the right one and dashed through it.

Instantly he was in a familiar place – Middle-Earth on the Misty Mountains. He was alone in the darkness. If there was civil warfare in this realm, it would not be on a secluded mountain range. It would be in Endor or Gondor or one of the other inhabited places. The place he was in was not safe. Trolls, orcs, giant spiders and other vile creatures lurked there.

A brilliant white light tore open in the sky. Kier looked up and he saw a shining being in a white robe. He had stork’s wings and his eyes were like fire. Could it be some entity from Asgard or some magical being? For once, Kier was at a loss.

The being spoke. “I am the angel Gabriel. I live in a realm called Heaven. There, I and others like me serve and worship the almighty ruler of all realms.”

Kier fell to his knees trembling. “Forgive me, but I thought there exited only 17 realms.”

“Heaven is the spiritual realm. No magic can grant access to its abode.”

“Why are you here great angel?”

“Heaven is the mother realm from where all of the 17 realms were born.”

Kier remained silent. He was in awe but also fear of what he was hearing and seeing.

“War has broken out in heaven led by the evil angel Apollyon the Destroyer against the supreme God and creator. All that occurs in heaven is reflected in the realms.”

“I understand,” Kier said. “What do you wish of me?”

“Return to your home realm and inform your king so he may ready for battle. The Destroyer will soon invade.”

“What of the remaining realms?”

“I will try to reach as many of them before he strikes. The vile entity has withstood me from warning some realms in time.”

“I understand.” Kier was overwhelmed. He had discovered a horrible situation. All that existed was in jeopardy of being annihilated. Moreover, he had learned of an 18th realm that apparently sustained and formed all others. “How will I return?”

“Before you go, you’ll need this.” Gabriel gave Kier a round gem. “This will equip you with the weapons to confront the enemy. He will cross into Nethaal at the Valley of the Rocks.”

Gabriel waved his hand and another portal appeared. “Farewell.” The angel departed into the sky, the same way he came.

“Kier hastily went through the portal. Then he was in the chamber with the obelisks. He took a deep breath then hurried up a staircase and made his way to the king’s throne room. He barged in and raised his voice. “King Areth! We must speak!”

The king reeled back and raised his thin eyebrows. He stood as his green and red robe touched the ground. “Kier! You’re hysterical! I’ve never seen you so grave!”

“I carry very grave news my king.” The Realm Walker spoke out in the presence of all in the room. “We’ve been wrong!”

“Of what my subject? Shouldn’t this be discussed privately?”

“All should be informed. I have discovered an 18th realm.”

A gasp went across those in the king’s company.

King Areth approached Kier. “You’ve actually seen such a thing?”

“Not exactly. I was visited by a being named Gabriel from a realm he called Heaven.” Kier stopped short and caught his breath. “My lord, war is upon us! And not just to us but all the seventeen realms.”

The color drained from the king’s face. “It’s all too much to even fathom!”

“I was told for us to prepare for an invasion from a being called Apollyon who hails from heaven were there is civil war.”

“I will inquire the details later. First I must gather the other kingdoms to assemble our forces.” The king turned to a young servant boy. “Tell messengers to go to all the kingdoms and inform them of all you have heard.”

The boy bowed and ran out.

“I will tell General Thaddeus to make ready immediately.” The king trudged out to go to the soldier’s quarters. The Realm Walker stopped Areth by his robe. “My Lord, I think you’ll need this.” Kier gave him the gem. “I was told this would give means to defend ourselves.”

Areth studied the object before taking it. “Very well.” Then he continued on his way.

Kier took deep controlled breaths to calm himself. He wondered why he couldn’t travel through the portal below the castle to tell all the places of the coming invasion. “Why did Gabriel have too?” He sprinted down the staircase to the portal chamber. He saw his answer. Instead of a flat disk shaped vortex, was a smoky cloud. He went to touch it then pulled it back as a vile, fearful feeling went down his spine. Without a doubt, Apollyon’s forces were coming. All Keir could do is wait.

Hours went by unbearably slow for Kier. He recalled the violence he saw in Asgard. What had caused them to turn on each other? Would it happen here too?

At last all the kingdoms rallied their forces around the Valley of the Rocks as Gabriel had told Kier. A deathly silence filled the breadth of the landscape. All armies held their standards as light gale ruffled the flags. A loud thunder boomed in the sky. A bright elongated opening tore across the clouds. Then myriads of shadowy figures in horses of the same came piling through, riding on air.

King Areth saw the gem glow. In a flash of light the armies of Nethaal were holding weapons of fire. Their shields shined like stars and their armor was like the yellow brilliance of the sun. The first rush of the dark foes collided with the line of righteous warriors of Nethaal. Every clash of light and dark weapons, gave off a loud boom. Forces were being cut down on both sides. But it seemed Apollyon’s forces were wearing down the other side.

Areth cringed and gripped his head. “We’re losing too many soldiers!”

Kier looked as the enemy was nearing city and the royal castle. They were subduing the righteous warriors rapidly. As the battle kept ensuing, the tide of battle was turning in the dark foes favor.

“Retreat!” yelled general Thaddeus.

just as the battle seemed to be inevitably lost, another rift in the sky above appeared. Then myriads shining beings on horses and chariots of fire rode through.

“My word!” said the king.

“The warriors of Heaven have come to our aid!” exclaimed a brown haired lanky soldier.

The sight of the two sides of Heaven at war was exhilarating! Kier was filled with hope. His heart calmed and he took a very deep breath.

The warriors of light were pushing back Apollyon’s wave of minions. Then an angel with a key came through. It was Gabriel. He put out the key into what seemed like thin air. An enormous door appeared and he opened it. Kier knew it to be an entrance to the Nether Verse. Inside was compete darkness.

The angels were gradually pushing the foes near the dark passage. An angel swung his flaming sword at the servants of Apollyon. They were sent backwards into dark abyss. It went on as the number of the good angels grew further than the dark entities.

All the people were cheering. More and more the enemy was being vanquished into the Nether Verse. Soon only a few dozen minions were left; in less than ten minutes, none but good angels and men remained.

Gabriel rose high into the air where all could see him. He lifted his hands. “People of Nethaal.” his voice was like a trumpet. “By the grace of the eternal heavenly ruler, your realm has been delivered. Yet Apollyon’s menace still threatens the other realms. You will be unable to use using any portals until the evil angel himself is banished into the Nether Verse.”

As all the people of the kingdoms in Nethaal stared with wide eyes and gaping mouths, the supernatural weapons and armor vanished from the inhabitant’s grasp.

“May the blessings of the Heavy Lord be richly bestowed upon you all!”

The angels went back through the rift and when all had passed over, it sealed itself.

A silence remained. Then all the kingdoms shouted and leapt. They embraced one another and laughed heartily.

Kier was ecstatic at the great victory. Yet in the back of his mind he was concerned for the other realms. Nevertheless, he was faithful that the forces of light would surely conquer the power of darkness. All anyone could do was wait and enjoy the epic peace.

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