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Zachery and Janine are new to life in a small town, but what type of life?
Country Life

Zachery stood on the porch, his eyes fixated on the gray, low-hanging clouds that steamrolled over a once blue sky. He'd heard the stories, and so did his wife, Janine, but they were going to make a go of it in the small community of Desmond, Kansas.

The screen door screeched and soft footsteps approached from the rear.

"Zach? You don't think it's gonna come, do ya!

"I don't know Jay. I smell rain in the air and feel how thick it feels. Look at those clouds over there," he pointed high into the sky. "I swear the finger of God could drop down and write across the earth any minute."

"Do ya think we should get to the shelter? We haven't had a chance to check it out yet.

"Well, it's about time we did it." Janine backed away and Zachery turned. "You'd better bag up some food and water. Grab those beers too. I wish we had a radio right now but it looks like our cellphones will have to do."

Zach heard the roar of a locomotion closing in as he shoved the key into the lock and jiggled it until it popped open. Soot-ridden air filled their nostrils causing them to cough and wheeze.

Then, using his cellphone's flashlight, they descended the steep wooden staircase which he thought might collapse at any moment. Once at the bottom, they set their supplies down and gazed at an unexpected sight in the dim light. There were at least five old baskets full of what looked like potatoes. Stepping lightly, Janine neared a basket and picked one up.

"These are so strange," she said. It vibrated, then legs sprouted and clutched her hand. She screamed.


All the baskets shook, then the potato-like creatures crawled out and attacked.

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