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We find out why Louis is needed
The map was substantially large and covered the vast wall. The four men with me sat silent. Cicerci went on with his speech “As you all know we all possess a piece of the key to Algardeon and the map is almost complete. We are missing only the most meaningful part. Which is where the city is.” Cicerci stopped and took a drink out of his flask and cleared his throat a bit.

Cicerci began to speak again “As you may all see we are in the company of the great Louis Santaro. Who as we all know possess’ the knowledge of the map. Don’t you Louis?”. I sat and started to manage words out of my mouth saying “Yes”. At this precise moment in time my mind flooded with the images of green hills and fruitful trees with rivers of honey and a Gold central palace.

I then looked up that map again with my new found knowledge and saw what was missing. I said “Right there in the center of the eastern mountains lies the great city of Algardeon”. The men began to have thrill wash over their faces like when i child is told he did something perfectly by a respected adult. Cicerci gave a relieved chuckle and a kind smile to me and said “We’re going to be rich”.

Cicerci turned to Rusty and said “Pack up the cars we set forth in two hours”. I quickly interrupted the two saying “that is a bad idea there are no roads connecting Algardeon with civilization, we should journey by mule.” Cicerci said to me “Good point we will send for mules and a transport truck so we can drive to the foot of the mountains”. Rusty said “I cannot wait to be basking in the gold coin”. I soon wisely asked “Has anyone climbed the great Green Mountains.” Cicerci said in a low voice “Yes… Once. They never returned, they may have found Algardeon or they found deaths haunting grip.” He said finally “We leave in the morning get ready for the journey of your lives boys”. He vanished away to his back room and I left for fresh air left with my new found thoughts that entered my mind.

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