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Chap2 After this episode there will be a time shift or a new character perspective.
Ashoka goes to the medbay to get looked at and then gets fed the entire time thinking about the training program, that and how her master saved her. While walking back to her room she bumps into Obi wan, " I'm so sorry Master Kenobi." Ashoka says, " Your mind is elsewhere youngling where is it?" Ashoka goes on to explain what happened and at the end Master Kenobi shed some light on her situation, " Your master was testing you seeing how you react to the situation, I don't know him that well bit i bet he wanted to see where You were in your training and what needs to be improved, however I have never heard of this specific training it's probably unique to him.Now run along its getting dark." Ashoka thanks him and heads to her room to rest.
The next morning Ashoka finds her master in a dojo with weights on the ground, " Yesterday the program tested your body today these weights will test your mind." Ashoka saw the weights and immediately thought today would be easier however she soon learned that it wouldn't be. Two sets of each weight going up a significant amount not only that but the weights were in different shapes. She started on the first weight and managed to lift it relatively easy however her master came over and motioned to the other weight she was about to speak when het master used the force to lift both weights at the same time, it was here she realised why there were two of each her master motioned to the two biggest weights, " Strengthen your mind how much will you lift by the end of today." Ashoka worked hard the rest of the day while her master had his own weights except they looked like balls and he was majestically moving them around his body. At the end of the day she was unable to get to the last weight. Her master walked over, "I have now seen if you are worthy you defended me in battle but failed curled up in a ball in that moment I wasnt expecting much but I wasn't expecting nothing at all, today your goal was these weights( touches both heaviest weights) I did not expect you to get to them but there is something I didn't tell you, the goal is not these weights alone... It's all of rhem." And with that all the weights started to lift up Ashoka was amazed that this was the goal vs individual weights or sets, she also knew that she failed his tests after she left the dojo she never saw him again because he was sent to war to guard a planet close to the front lines but his mission was to go unnoticed on the planet, hide and give Intel but that is all Ashoka could find out, the next time she met him she would prove herself to him until then The Grey Jedi had an entire planet to lift whatever he wanted.
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