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Spatial poetry exploring an unbalanced relationship.

Not A Fairytale Ending

My wife                              loves strife.
I can't imagine what          I've done to earn thIs fate.
My fragile heart's          been hacked apart by acts of hate.
She moans as if she is           the princess tied up in the tower.
In fact, she is the evil queen          and always wields the power.
I did my best to breach          my leading lady's castle walls;
she spun around          and swiftly kicked me in the balls.
I pledged my troth           to someone who's a bitch,
and now I can't escape           that wicked witch.
She loves to watch          the way I squirm;
that's why I feel           just like a worm.
Why can't I make          a magic wish
that cures her with          a kiss?
My daily life          is not
like           Camelot.
Not with my

17 lines

Spatial poetry with rhymes

Inspired by the video below which is Prompt 4 in the September 2018 round of the Rebel Poetry Contest

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