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by Justin
Rated: E · Poetry · Fantasy · #2168277
A poem about a human boy who saved the elves from an army of raiders.
Long ago in a time forgotten, there lived a king who's soul was rotten.
He sent his army out to pillage, plundering the helpless village.
Elves and forest folk were scattered, forced to flee their lives left shattered.
All seemed hopeless, all seemed lost, the elves brothers paid the cost.
Then a boy with hair of fire, saw the elves in need so dire.
He joined the frightened elves at last, met the sages from long past.
He drove the mocking army back, into a lake where they lay in stacks.
The boy with hair of fire grinned, remaining soldiers were chagrined.
The elves regrouped with new found strength, and faught beside the boy and Mink.
See the sages float above, singing ballads like a dove.
Then the boy met one last foe, a mighty captain, tall and woe.
Boy and soldier toe to toe, who would win no one could know.
Then spirit of fallen father tread between the two and turned the tide.
Axe head hit the soldiers face, captain had no time to brace.
Off went his head down to the earth, captain dead, elves rebirth.
The elves were overjoyed and glad, the boy with hair of fire had
saved their village, saved their home, no more would they have to roam.
They called the child Firetop, he put the fighting to a stop.
Forever shall the elven sing in honor of their fire king.

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