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True love sees no color.
Love is Colorblind

People will tell you that racism is dead.
I can tell you; personally, you're being misled.
I come from a family where love comes from within.
It doesn't make a difference, the color of your skin.

My mother is white, beautiful, tiny and blonde.
Daddy is a strong black man, onyx eyes that respond.
Then, there's little ole me, who's half and half.
I want to be proud but at school they all laugh.

All the parties I've left tears spilling out my eyes.
Just like today, what a horrible birthday surprise.
Mascara running, straight down my face
this whole party's turned into a big disgrace.

My family swears I'm sweet as can be.
I wonder how they'd feel if I didn't agree.
I want love from the truest place, at heart.
Discrimination? No, I refuse to take part!

I've loved a man, midnight dark, as can be
another, blonde hair, blue eyes like the sea.
Now, my heart belongs to a gorgeous Puerto Rican.
Every time he looks at me, I swear my knees weaken.

It doesn't matter your race, culture or creed.
As long as you respect me, I'll do whatever you need.
You get what you give, that's why karmas around
but, I'm the bigger person, I won't bring you down.

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