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Keep It Simple Stupid

As I look around every day-
I try to see things in different ways.
If we just try to open up our minds-
I believe we will discover things that to which most people are blind.

Different ways to see things positive and new-
life’s every day challenges that can make or break you.
It sounds so simple, but the hardest thing to do-
to train your mind by tricking it to accept a different view.

We are conditioned to think of things in a certain way-
but we need to find a learning curve in every new day.
Our conditioning is our first blind sight, accepting mediocrity, wrong or right-
seeing things in a certain light, to try to see otherwise will be a fight.

Even if it only works half the time-
and it’s not so easy like rhythm and rhyme.
That little bit of effort will make you stronger-
to live a happier life and maybe even live longer.

Sometimes we need not be so self-protective-
and instead look at things from a different perspective.

--No matter how hard it seems-
Follow your dreams.

I don’t mean KISS as in cupid-
I mean K.I.S.S. as in Keep It Simple Stupid.

-RJN- 2004
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