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Rated: E · Draft · Fantasy · #2168492
A wizard living and learning of our human world. He appears to be human as well.
He walks among the stars. He walks among the souls. He walks throughout the world itself. There was a soul or spirit, whatever it was does not matter now… for all that it is, was nothing more and nothing less than it was in truth. Slightly seeing the light, and the stars, such beautiful and warm light that you do not count time, or maybe you do not even know what it is. And there it was…light through his eyes of this mortal world…He does not recall anything before he was found and raised by this man, and that is where it begins.
All he remembers was from the day the old withered man took him and taught what we consider now “normal” to read and write…as well as speak words. The old man had a long white like snow beard which was as long as grass in hottest summer but not as shiny as snow in the brightest day, clothes was of no importance to the man. Thus he had what he wore: a grey robe with plenty of holes in it, as if it was with him from the moment he was brought to this world, on his head was nothing but his white long hair, but his feet were having handmade what we call now “sandals”. In first several months the found one by the old man did not intend to stay nor to speak, he’d just eat and then sit still in a corner of this old yet strong wooden house which was build god knows by whom and when. The found one could only know the forest and somehow comprehended animals which he encountered. There was uneasy feeling in his chest as he looked at the old man, thus he stayed not knowing what kept him from leaving. Now he would go to the village or town far off to get supplies or get more herbs for his “father” which was the name for the old man, and how he introduced himself to the boy. Who did not yet know what that word meant…Waking up in the middle of the night and walk in the forest while Father sleeps was the favorite “hobby” of this boy who already grew long hair which were as dark as the darkest night, along with his eyes that would sometimes shine in the moonlight as they stare upon the stars and hearing:”(something whispered to him) you…(silence)”. The kid would also compare his hair to the old man’s , as if hoping they’d get longer…Father would always pat him on the head while laughing and said: ”Thy child shall receive what he desires, all in god’ given time”.
Suddenly he wakes up looking for Father. “As if he could be here with me” says he “the old geezer must have rested in peace, I would have felt his presence by now”. Somehow he did not sound very sure of what he said, thus he looked around once again in the middle of the dark dark forest which he slept in under a big old tree. Time to head out. I do not know why I keep on recalling and seeing what happened back then. After all five hundred years have passed! He said. And there he walks throughout the night which as dark as his hair, but not as dark as his eyes now. He wears a dark blue jacket which was looking pretty good along with green t-shirt, blue jeans, and dark shoes. Finally he reached a city, but did not see it yet. He was so sure, for the light and noise of cars were too obvious not to miss…”Why do I still live? Who am I? Why do I wander all over?” Those questions kept him going for much longer than he expected even though his body was too tired to listen to his brain. Happening to have fallen over near a road he whispered something and as soon as he did everything turned dark blue in his eyes, and there he was laying in another realm which nobody could see or touch him, and where he could regain his full strength again.
(You are……..silence who….) There was nothing else he could understand or hear, however he did enter a hallway full of such bright lights that you’d think there were so many sun-like stars flying there…they did not blind him. Somehow the light seemed so natural and so… warm….and….familiar! As he walks through the hallway entrance was gone in split second all covered in blue light. As his feet walk deeper into the hallway he gets the feeling as if there is something appearing in his hand. It was heavy, so heavy in fact that he was sure it was nothing a normal human could carry. He was no normal creature from earth. That much he knew already…A book was in his right hand, it was locked and would not open no matter what he did. Being pulled inside was a new sensation for him ”wizard….Wizard…..wizard….”it was father’s voice, he could recognize it easily, and so he walks toward the voice which called his name that was given to him by nobody and yet it was given to him by somebody he could not recall.
As entire blue hallway burns in dark blue flames, his book burns along side him which he held so carefully and which was so heavy. Whole hallway was filled with bright stars and blue flames as Wizard wakes up in cold sweat and flying in the air above the forest and the city. The strangest part of all of it was not a dream, but the fact that he left his blue realm, and was visible to all people…Understanding that he whispered several words or phrases, we can’t know for sure what was it he said, but then he was suddenly gone.
Moving among stars and this blue field of information which he found only a day ago…he could not help but think of Father and the book which was calling to him. He could still feel it’s heaviness on his hands…”I do believe I have to do something about those humans…hm….perhaps not…”as he thought about all the trouble he caused, he was flowing through so much information which could make a human lose all his reason and ability to speak as well as understand things as they are. The information field was the history what humans call, and the history was here…all of it….present, past, and future…even memories of so many humans who merged with this field as they left their bodies(died). As Wizard looks for his past, present, and future stars guide his way with their blessed light upon his path. However we all know that nothing will be so easily achieved in this world. Not even something you’ve lost, or forgot on purpose.
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