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Rated: E · Chapter · Action/Adventure · #2168505
The Grey Jedi grows restless until he finds a way to do more than just scrap
The Grey Jedi and his troops were sent to a planet on the edge of the separatist republic line, there objective to not be seen, occupy the planet in a non-republican manner. They were given a cover story as a group of scrappers paid by the republic to clean up droids and debree from a battle. The jedi is walking towards his scientists and engineers ad he does he sees the fake smiles and the boredom of his troops knowing this cannot last, "Tec what are you working on?" Tec responds with," Not much to work on were just scrappers." "We have more freedom than anyone right now, the o ly supervision is me and I am very flexible." "What are you getting at?" Tec wonders what he means as he motions for him to wait here. The Jedi heads off to the forge where the droids are melted down, when he gets there that are stacks of droids he goes over to the operating panel and turns off the forge then he stacks the droids into a crate and started out the door as he was leaving two of his men come to see why the forge stopped, he told them not to run the forge for the next two days and he went on his way. He took the droids to Tec who was not expecting to see a crate full of droids, " I want you to reprogram these droids." The jedi says to tec, tec replies," Sir that's illegal I could get court-martialed!" The Jedi replies with what Tec had said earlier," Were Scrappers hired by the Republic there laws do not apply to us, that and This is my planet I decide what is and isn't against the law and I say if we can use these droids instead of scrapping them I say we give ourselves that advantage." Over the next week the forge ran cold and the droids went through a testing phase making sure one of them didn't try to kill any of them that is except for the ones for combat training. During that time he realized that they could do alot more with these droids but it would require deceiving the Separatist and a way to hide his and his troops faces. He went to go see a couple engineers and designers and told them he and his men needed a suit that looked menacing but calm and with multiple capabilities, ultimately he went to Kameno and made a secret request for modified Commando Armour designed to not look like Republican armour though they were hesitant at first they made the armor. Now his master plan could be unveiled however the droids needed something else he pondered and during a training exercise one of his men used an electric charge grenade and then it hit him he went to the armory and got a few and went to tech with them. " Sir why do you have these?" " I want you to put each one of these inside a droid." At that moment Tec realized what the Jedis plan was and rhus began the long process of making Their plan come true.
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