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About pain and its importance
Friend Or Foe

At man's birth pain becomes an essential surveillant
For safety's sake dangers to avoid
Its etches with indelible ink laden messages
Into the brain that initiates the body's response
Before the mind can think

It's the body's keeper, warning of
Forthcoming peril or healing's gradient
Path in the temple of life.

Scanning sapient receptors search to and fro
For sites of malady or injury and
Sends a message racing along soma's circuits.
When received by the brain

It's transmitted into sensations of dull drumming throbs,
Keen serrating stabs and surging waves of muscle gripping discomfort
-- all to protect.

Pain's face mirrors a guardian that never sleeps,
But surveys and informs of impending harm
Absent its sensation, even animated imagination
can't foresee what a horrendous danger
to life this could be.

Take heed to its warning as a protector
Or it may become an unyielding foe.

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