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Oscar Wilde was a very NAUGHTY BOY. We take a wry look at his life
Oscar Wilde proclaimed that men think
And women only think that they think
But both women and men
Stop thinking when
They give each other the wink

So Oscar had a young man to stuff
But Lord Alfred had had enough
'Twas a very real farce
When a fart from his arse
Put in orbit the famous old Poof

He landed in Old Reading Gaol
Wrote a ballad right off the scale
And of Dorian Gray
His judgment day
A very clever “ Fairies “ tale

Now Oscar’s sexual proclivity
That was not a legal activity
Could no longer be hid
From his wife and his kid
He was in hard labour captivity

Notwithstanding his Literary fame
The love that dare not speak its name
Was slammed in the Penn
So be it, AMEN
A finale to the FAGGOT’S, END game

Just when you think this poems done
The moral is second to none
Don’t break the damned law
Or they’ll lock the damned door
Even though the damned law is a “Bum”

Now Oscar went “West" in Pa-ris
With a deadly STD Cri-sis
The Doctors were sure
He was wracked to the core
With aggressive Sy-phi-llis
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