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by kame
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to anyone struggling w/ mental health issues: know that I care and I trust you. language
In a world as fucked up as ours
I trust people with mental health issues the most
Hear me out
How can you possibly remain sane in those countless, tragic circumstances?
There is no need to experience any of it,
Knowing what’s going on
On the scale of the world or on the scale of a soul
Should be enough to make someone feel sick
How could it not matter to somebody, I wonder?
How hard can your heart be?
Or are you just unable to take a look at anything but yourself?
And Ironically, the ones who care the most
Are the one who feel terrible

1/This is not an apology to any mental health sickness (if I can say), they are not a vibe, nor a ‘mode’
Those issues are REAL and believe me, it is not ‘all fun and games’

2/To anybody reading this and having mental health issues:

don’t be ashamed about what you feel, or what you’re going through. I want you to know that I am proud of you for being here, and holding everything together, I am proud of you for still fighting for yourself, even if you’re tired, even if you think you’re gonna loose it.

Please reach out for help, take care of yourselves people.
Know that I am sending you all my love, and I pray you feel It somehow. I trust you to love yourself

3/ Rated +18 for the f word (didn't sound as good with 'messed up' instead)

4/once again: I'm not a native english speaker, it would be very kind of you to tell me if something is wrote in a weird way or else...

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