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Robots can fill many roles, but maybe pet shouldn't be one of them.
         Just because you can afford it, doesn't mean you should.

         Sometimes I wondered how my cousin made it as far in life as he has. Maybe his wife Lucia kept him reigned in before she took the sickness. Which was a crying shame since I think she was good for him. Kept him grounded. Not always flying off the handle with his flights of fancy. Now there really wasn’t anything holding back his bouts of lunacy as I thought of them.

         As his current state of mind has him worried. With Lucia now gone, he had returned rather frantically to the scientific world of robotics. Not that she didn’t encourage his passions to the best of her abilities. She just knew when to encourage and when to let be. Whereas I, being his blood relation, had no qualms about telling him what buffoon he was being. He never listened, and I suppose my constant nagging may have prompted this latest dilemma.

         I don’t know where he got this idea, but I’d love to strangle the person who puts them in my brother’s head. It was starting to grate something awful on my shriveled nerves. It was rather humiliating to live on one’s brother’s generosity while sorting your life out. I hadn’t spoken to Roger since he declared he wanted a divorce and found myself living with my rather unhinged younger sibling. But in the meantime, I was getting started on my novel roger never put much faith into. My brother was rather indifferent if I stayed away from his laboratory. The arrangement worked out rather well for both of us.

          I was just setting the tone for a rather steamy scene in my up and coming best seller when that monstrosity let forth a blue streak that would make even the surliest sailor pause. I turned to the cause of such vulgarity and it looked back at me with those obsidian eyes and seemed to stare directly into my very being. I didn’t know if he had any control of the little terror. I was beginning to suspect not. If anything, it seemed master over him. As any pet worth its salt will.

         My brother rather belatedly stumbled into the room. I suspected he was still recovering from another bender. He had gotten steadily worse after Lucia passed on. He couldn’t barely care for himself let alone this pesky metal monstrosity. Still, I held out just a glimmer of hope this little menace would help my brother heal. In some small way at the very least.

         It fluttered to land on his shoulder. He leaned against the doorway, blearily taking in his new addition to his person. He looked almost like a hung-over pirate. It was almost endearing. Till the little beast glanced at me and let an ear-splitting shriek and flew out the room.My brother looked like he might vomit on the spot. I left him to his fate and continued writing.

         All that could be done was for him to get over it. I suggested he avoid my work space if he didn’t want to be floored again. It was a less than civil moment between us and I don’t think either of us wished to revisit it. I chanced a glanced at the thing’s tracker. For as much as it cost, I figured someone {most likely I} would need to keep an eye on it. I was once again proven right. As usual. I looked at our metallic friend’s path online and contacted the authorities to be out on the lookout for it. I wasn’t letting this investment slip away so easily. Not after what it seemed to be doing for my brother.

         For despite its constant harassment of me, it seemed to get along with my brother rather well. I thought that probably had something to do with it. Over time, I noticed my brother’s health had even if started rather shakily, began to improve steadily over time.Despite my telling him it was a shocking waste of funds {or in his case because of this} he listened to a friend and went ahead with this mad scheme of his. I think it did end up doing him some good overall in the long run. He mostly stopped irritating me and allowed me to get my work done.

         For the most part. They seemed to be thick as thieves before long. It was because of this I'd do my best to relocate his metallic bundle of feathers to him. For both our sakes, I hoped it could be located and return in once piece. I ordered him to rest while I saw it's return to us. He complied and I set about thusly. It wasn't easy but eventually it was located and waited for me to pick it up.

         Evidently, it wound up tangled in some electric wires and authorities had to wait till it could be properly disentangled before it could be retrieved. My brother was sure to be relieved and I was as well. I was glad my household would be returned to normal. Or as much as it could be under the circumstances. I returned our wayward pet to its rightful roost and order was once again restored to our household.

         Things really did return to its own unique version of normal at our house. Mostly my brother encouraging it's poor behavior. Mainly dive bombing my beta fish and scaring the next door neighbor's cat. Really, it was almost like having two immature siblings around. They continued with their normal routine of driving me insane and I went through the paces of trying to resist ending them both. A state of normalcy we had gotten acquainted with on the arrival of this new addition to the family. It was almost the same as when Lucia was still with us. While I don't think I could ever have the same affection for it, it was starting to worm it's way into my heart.
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