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Rated: E · Chapter · Fantasy · #2168681
A witch meets with her coven and discusses a new potion that makes them invisable.
It was a cool autumn night when Bezelda the witch was flying through the air on her broom stick. She had her trusty little white cat with her, Mischief, who was hanging on to her dark purple robe for dear life as they swished over the local town. Bezelda loved the feeling of the cool wind on her pale face, and the way it felt blowing through her deep red hair.

As she flew past a small town filled with little houses with fireplaces puffing smoke out of their chimneys, she headed towards the woods where she would be meeting with her coven. She thought about what they were going to discuss.

The witches were gathering together to discuss a new potion that the Witches of Elder had created. This was the potion of invisibility. One drink from it, and the witch was invisible to everyone even to other witches and wizards. It could be extremely handy in any number of situations that a witch could get into.

Bezelda started to lower her broom stick into the woods where the coven was meeting. As she came through the air her purple robe was flapping behind her, and Mischief clung to Bezelda with his claws dug deep into her robe.

After landing near the site, she walked towards the coven where she saw several familiar faces. Gazella was her best witch friend. As they saw each other they embraced. "Gazella! So good to see you!" They hugged for a moment then pulled apart. "Good to see you too, Bezelda!" Both women smiled and headed toward the fire where all the other witches were gathering.

They stood in a large circle, and the lead witch, Twitcha, began to speak. "Ladies!" She said in a loud voice, "The Witches of Elder have brewed a new potion for us to use when we are trapped and see no way out of a situation." Twitcha pulled out of her red robe a small bottle with a cork lid in it. "This is the potion. It is called Invisabus!" Everyone in the coven circle applauded. "Show us what it does!" Someone shouted. "Of course!" Twitcha pulled the cork out of the small bottle and took a long drink from it. When she was done, she pulled the bottle away from her mouth. "Aaahhhhh. Now wait a few moments."

Everyone in the circle waited a few minutes. All the witches gasped and marveled at what they saw happening. Slowly, Twitcha began to fade. She became lighter, and lighter, and everyone could see through her as she slowly disappeared into thin air. Finally, she couldn't be seen only heard. "And that is how this potion works." Said Twitcha. She was now only a voice. All the witches clapped at what they saw.

After the demonstration of the new potion, the witches began to sing a few songs, and say a few chants. Then they got together in small groups and visited for a while. It just seemed like there was so much to get caught up on.

Eventually the fire was put out, and all the witches had gone their separate ways. Feeling good, and ready to head home, Bezelda got onto her broomstick. "Mischief!" she called. "Where is that darn cat?" She mumbled as she got a little more comfortable on her broom. "Mischief! Come on boy, let's go!" Just then the white cat jumped out of some nearby bushes and hopped into Bezelda's lap. Mischief was bound and determined to not have a difficult ride back home flying with Bezelda's robe. He sat quietly, and Bezelda pushed off the ground with one foot, and took flight.

"So, they do exist and meet here from time to time." said the man. He had watched the whole coven meeting from behind a large boulder in the woods. No one had seen him wich was how he wanted it. As he watched Bezelda fly away, he began to plan how he would hunt down and capture her.
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