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by Jen
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Table of Contents

Life's Ambition

The Blue Rose

Poetry from the heart

Butterfly kisses

Spring dreams


Fearless Foes

Yellow Dahlia flower

Seeing within my soul

Smoky eyes

Spirits fly

When the rain comes

Best Friends forever

Angels sing the most, high

God's healing

Life's AmbitionPoetry_of_My_Inner_Soul_html_3e656326.pn

A moment of time

Of what to say or do

Life is too short to remain so blue

Escape the beaten path...make a new

As we are different, we are few

As walking alone, I will never do

You beside me going strong

In life's ambition what's going to come next...strife for success and never give up

The Blue RosePoetry_of_My_Inner_Soul_html_m280f7e40.p

A blue hue memorizing to the touch wipes away the sadness that you feel pressed against your lips

So pure so rare that's the wonder of you

Your fragrance lingers on the hand that holds your essence in my presence allure sweet blue rose

Poetry_of_My_Inner_Soul_html_m44745965.jPoetry of the heart

I write a verse or sonnet in words expressed from my heart...subtle speak flows from my soul

I take my pencil and write poetry in many words expressed from my heart so true

Never depressed or even blue, because in my heart's desire poetry is from my heart written for you...

Poetry_of_My_Inner_Soul_html_m9068680.pnButterfly kisses

I send you butterfly kisses on the wings of a butterfly that sparkle out of my eye as stained with ink and as delicate of memories pressed in my mind make a wish as an angel plants a kiss...

Spring DreamsPoetry_of_My_Inner_Soul_html_4d1a0ca3.pn

Winter has past

Children no longer hide inside they burst outdoors to play and romp

And dance in the sprinklers on the green grass as the sunshine burns bright

Yellow blooms a daffodil on a little stalk as Spring dreams have survived another long winter gone past birds sing in the trees as wind chimes ring...pick the flowers as rain pours down as the warmer days shine for another Spring


I will not be defeated, nor shattered and torn

The walls maybe broken but I will not be scorned...

Defeat won't bring me down or turn my glory away I will keep on fighting to win, and fight another day...

Fearless Foes

Learn to be fearless

Night hours of surrender fearless foes be brave and courageous face and embrace...erase the demons who prey upon your inner soul to restrain and take your bodily soul to a dimension and eternal place where power and fire heat ablaze become fearless to never rein again...

Yellow Dahlia Flower Poetry_of_My_Inner_Soul_html_36cc02f6.jp

Yellow elegance of flower blooms bright as the sun

Warm glow of dahlia poppies dance

Incandescently fragrance sanctimonious scent of Spring...

Poetry_of_My_Inner_Soul_html_m608c9fe4.jSeeing Within My Soul

I picture an image viewed in the mirror I seek deep meaning and heartfelt soul searching I seek

Speaking words filled with desperation and exasperation when my mind goes blank

Searching inside my inner soul deepest heartfelt words spoken kept...

Poetry_of_My_Inner_Soul_html_m1c970d87.jSmoky eyes

The earth brown smoky tones read a story read right through of your smoky eyes glisten in glamour so true

And a depth of raw emotion, can freeze you in a trance

Watching your smoky eyes that hold an unwavering glance like melted chocolate so sweet

Of earth brown tones under the brows that your eyes are simple smoky brown...

Poetry_of_My_Inner_Soul_html_3101076c.giSpirits Fly

Spirits fly and soar touch above the sky

Sending mixed messages of wondering why we live in a dimension taking away our loved ones who live on...

But in a more happy place we seek when our time comes to soar and rise above as our spirits live on in peace...


When the rain comes

Feels like tears falling from the sky rain pellets million of drops pouring on the flowers to give them a drink, water the grass, and a rainbow comes out and descends below

Makes the cooler air of Spring near

When the rain comes, few hotter days sweating in the sun, more playing and having fun...

Poetry_of_My_Inner_Soul_html_m6384ad21.jBest Friends Forever

You make me smile

Your existence makes my life worthwhile

Your always there to show you care

Even if were apart

You always find a way to be there

You cheer me up and never say an unkind word

Sometimes we even fight, but we make up and make things right...Best friends forever till the end my confidant, chum, besties, my heart will keep you near

Poetry_of_My_Inner_Soul_html_m6592f621.pAngels Sing the Most High

The hymn sings of sweet Angels most high no more fear, pain, stress, or hate wondering why? Angels draw close and lift your soul with joy of melody sung from the pearly gates...

Angels sing the most, high of love as you close your eyes

I hear their cries high above Singing God's praises of his love...


God's Healing

You died for our sins on the cross, had nails pierced in your hands, but when you left this earth continued to protect and heal us with your loving hands along with your blessings that you have planned

You will always take the lead keeping us safe and sound...until we descend to rise above and rejoice in your loving embrace


I try my best to write inspired poetry, but I do the best I can. My Husband loves my writing as well as my inspired poems. Without God, family, and friends in my life I would hide in a hole never to be found, but through it all I conquered my fears keeping God, family, friends close to my heart never to give up on yourself trust in God, family, and friends to be close to you till the end...


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