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A Lannet Poem
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Our world contains many majestic beasts
Thousands of mammals, many more of birds
Their magnificent grace covers vast lands
A splendid variety near and far

Hear the snarls and roars of regal big cats
Lion and tiger kings of the jungle
Mysterious leopards and jaguars roam
Stealthy hunters boast hypnotizing eyes

Beautiful birds add color to the Earth
Kingly Peacock proudly shows his feathers
Lovely Macaw displays reds, blues, and greens
Flocks of airy beasts dance throughout the sky

Wildlife in abundance all can view
Exotic creatures of divine beauty


Written for "WDC 18th Birthday Poetry Challenge
Poem prompt: Lannet
14 lines
10 syllables per line

A white tiger sig that I sometimes use in my reviews.
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