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A treatise on the wimpy, thin-skinned behavior of our presidented, trump.

45- the Biggest Snowflake of Them All

Notice to trump base- for words you don't understand, go here

It is obvious the donald doesn't really have what it takes to be presidented. He just doesn't have the courage; he doesn't have the chops. And to protect himself from the derision he faces from those more intelligent than himself- most of the country- he lashes out. Lashes out, out of fear, and a false sense of self-preservation.

He's a Snowflake because he is mentally very weak, and makes no attempt to correct this problem. He wallows in self-pity and victimhood, all the time castigating others for being (put insult here) when they slam, or even question him. The slightest slight sends him into a tizzy, and he has to tweet about it, telling the world "THE FAILING" this person, that TV show, a newspaper or magazine, always with "low" or "falling ratings", is FAKES NEWS or (insert childish trump insult here). If this were a planned system of propaganda, it would at least be understandable, but with trump, it's obvious he believes his own bullshit. Anyone, in trump's narrow and limited worldview, who insults him- real or imagined- is a failure and attacking him because of his (trump's self-perceived) greatness.

Since he refuses to challenge himself or step outside of his comfort zone, only those that agree with his dim, muddled viewpoint get airtime in his thoughts as 'real' and 'worthy'. He doesn't have the strength of thought or character to even consider opposing views- even just to play Devil's Advocate with himself, as more enlightened people do- which makes him a real Snowflake. His fear of being found out he's wrong, exemplified continuously by his knee-jerk self-defensiveness, shows his slender grasp of reality is less important than being considered right by others, even when he knows he's wrong, covering up, or outright lying. In the immortal words of Jack Nicholson, "You (trump) can't handle the truth."

He illustrated this by stating this caveat before being interviewed once: the interviewer could not question or dispute what the Donald said he was worth during the interview. Another example is when Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump's attorney, said, "truth isn't truth". In other words, there are personal truths based on perspective, no matter how skewed or far-fetched they happen to be, and that anyone's version of reality, even if it's completely wrong, is the truth. The truth is created in one's mind, not by reality or external events, so even the most tortured, misguided psyche can be bold and er-rational, 'cause that's where their fearful, neotenous thoughts take them. This explains trump completely, THAT'S the TRUTH.

The flip side of this coin is sadder to behold. If you stroke his ego, you can manipulate and control him, sorta like offering candy as a reward to a child to get them to behave. We've seen world leaders with devious intentions towards this country, do this time and again. And trump will return, claiming victory and how he vanquished our foe, or negotiated a great deal. The truth is, THEY got what THEY wanted, and all we got was our immature, vain, ineffectual leader back. So sad to see such a Snowflake with so much power. Every time he cries about the (mostly true) insults lobbed at him, or boasts about his (mostly fake) successes, he drive the wedge of divisiveness deeper into the philosophical chasm about what's good for this country. Exactly opposite of what a good leader is supposed to do. But, Snowflakes need drama. The risk of even a little boredom, or being ignored for even a moment scares the shit out of the pussy-minded.

His every thought, behavior, and action seems to be a knee-jerk reaction to events of the moment, without bring the grace of experience, or the gravity of consequences, to the situation at hand. Just what's best for trump, and to Hell with everyone or anything else: his family, his base, the American people, the United States, the world. Every decision or move on his part is designed- however ineptly- to either make himself look good (in his feeble thoughts, anyway), or make money. There's not a shred of magnanimity in anything he does. There isn't a humanitarian bone in his flabby body. His psychopathic tendencies- if not downright psychopathy- dictate he sacrifices everything just for more money and to be in the spotlight. Everything he says is just so much trumpaganda, which his trumpeters, in their trumpanoia, buy into.

Because of his boorishness and vulgar nature, his very name lends itself nicely to substitution for all our swearwords. Try these aloud: "trump you, you mother-trumper." "You're a real piece of trump." "God trump you straight to trump." "Well, I'll be a son-of-a-trump!" "What a trumphead." "She's a trump with a capitol C." "You don't want to go to that trumphole country, the trump-wipes there elected trump president."

Juvenile to the point of cringe-worthy, no? It's still more mature and measured than the slurs he slings. Trump has set the bar so low, he had to dig a deep trench to put it in. If my bar is merely resting on the ground, it's way above his.

But, thankfully, he's probably a one term presidented, and our balance of power, no matter how skewed it is at the moment, still restrains him from doing too much damage. Try as he might, and no matter how much our police-state Oligarchy supports him, it won't become a trumptopia. He doesn't have enough power, and he doesn't have enough time to gain the power he needs to really trump things up. So, remember to vote, lest we're stuck with him again, and he bends us over and trumps us up the trumphole.

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