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by N.A.M
Rated: E · Poetry · Religious · #2168826
Christian Faith
Christ 5/1/18

I write because it's easier to expess how I feel, when my emotions get the best of me and it's to hard to deal. To deal with the rawness of the pain in my mind, when I'm stuck in the darkness and I need to find; to find myself and who I am... A light starts to shine and I envision the man.

The man who endured this cruel wicked world, he let the Roman Catholics kill him to try and save us from this world. For he who believes in him shall see his mercy and grace, but those who deny him will be erased... From his mind, from his sight, from the Holy Devine.

You see, he is the greatest man ever to be born, sent here by GOD to help us and forewarn; forewarn us of our doom and things to come. Beware of the rising sun.

The first time he was here, he was the Prince of Peace... They nailed him to a cross and made his crown a thorned wreath. They mocked him and beat him, stabbed him with spears, not realizing his next coming would bring their worst fears.

Revelations has been foretold, he will return to fight for the souls that would not be sold; for his glory is worth so much more than gold. They try to tell you that he is not real, that the Bible is man made and The Word is no big deal... Just words written by men who were lost, the Devil will try to convince you of this at any cost.

Those of us who have Faith, we know his presence all to well, inflicting on our souls and wanting us to fail. My Brothers and Sisters stay strong in these times, for the Lord is with us, his Love will always outshine; any darkness, any evil, any demons in your mind. When you're under attack, just call on The Devine.

Only if you truly believe will you truly be saved. GOD Bless us All, for we are all just slaves. Holy Spirit, please be with us through to the end of days.

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2168826-Christ