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a girl finds a coin that makes a spaceship appear, who will take her to a new world.
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Prompt: I can’t believe this is happening on my birthday
Science fiction Poetry
line count: 24

A New World
By Lisa Noe*Cat*

The year is twenty one thirty one
The day is dark and gloomy
There is a looming attack to day
On September fourth, my birthday.

I found a shiny coin one I’ve never seen
A ship came down from Heaven to take
The people away from earth.
I dream that it is an angel ship to take we good people home.

I daydream about what will become of me.
Will I meet my maker or a space monster I’ve never seen.
The door to the ship opens and a ghostly form appears.
I wonder what I’ve done to live a life all these years.

I can’t believe this is happening on my birthday
There It comes towards me, long arms and large bald head.
I’m frightened but interested in what the monster said.
He said we must evacuate the earth this very day.

There will be an attack by the Dark Squad of the underworld.
You should leave with us, those who are worthy.
Those who love the earth and cared for it and were good stewards.
Those who love their neighbors and cherish all their brethren .

You are among those we choose to take to our new world.
Your family shall also accompany us. Be ready for our departure.
You love the world and those in it, You abide by all Good rules.
You are a kind and loving person. You shall be a leader of the people.

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