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As the name suggests
I am not going to apologize for the grammatical mistakes I will be making in this article.
This is my first article and I am writing it in that mode where you just get a sudden desire to write and you start writing.
I’ve been reading about mental biases and I find the subject fascinating. People have done extensive work in understanding them and finding ways about remaining unbiased. While I was trying to develop a habit of remaining unbiased, many questions started bugging me such as-if the tendency of mind to practice remaining unbiased is in itself some kind of bias, or, what if I am just following a fashionable trend of being logical and in future some new philosophy starts appearing and tells that biases are good, just like the gradual shift of religious dominance to scientific dominance makes us wonder whether the die-hard followers’ commitment was of any worth.
I tried tracking the origin of my doubts which lead me nowhere except towards more confusion. I started wondering if the development of doubts is some kind of strategy of brain to remain in a comfortable zone by avoiding to follow the route of remaining unbiased but it couldn’t be so since doubts themselves were creating a zone of discomfort.
After failing miserably trying to find answers, I decided to seek help from outside.
One of my self-styled friend who I hate from bottom of my heart for always remaining ahead of the curve in being miserable suggested me that we Should listen to what old people got to say.
Seemed logical at the time since the experience of old people is far wide spread and longer than poor fools like us, but putting this
What if we do and we are listening to an account of accumulated biases. What if happiness, family values, humanity, and similar things, which are labelled important, are labelled important because people need them when people get old? Because I’ve sometimes heard old people say that fuck everything and do what the fuck ever you think you want to do.
Some people put society above everything and some put themselves. My brother doesn’t care much about secure future and roams wild, I am on the other hand can’t do anything without sufficient planning.
I am not going to present any mind blowing theory that explains this phenomena so if you want to stop reading, stop here.

I also read a book, “1984” by “George orwell” which many of you are aware of. In that book, the government invents a language called “newspeak” a controlled language, of restricted grammar and limited vocabulary, a linguistic design meant to limit the freedom of thought—personal identity, self-expression and free will.
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