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Could it be Portland Head Lighthouse in Maine?
Where is the place of my dreams?

Where is the place of my dreams?
Could it be the ocean beaches in Oregon?
Where I can lay in the sun for a time for daydreams
as I look at the lovely Guiana.

Where could another place be of my dreams?
Could it be Portland Head Lighthouse in Maine
to watch the ocean while it gleams
through the night of the spiritual plane?

Which Ocean do I choose from? The Pacific
where everything on the west side is beautiful
and everything on the Atlantic
of the east side which the beauty was plentiful.

I think I’ll choose Maine on the eastside,
I have never seen the Atlantic Ocean before
and the Portland Head Lighthouse on that side
looks more impressive to explore.

By Sharmelle Olson
September 2018



I’ve been to the Ocean Beaches in Oregon before so Maine is another favorite state of mine plus I have never been to the Atlantic Ocean before, so I have to make my dream destination to this wondrous place lol.


The Guianan puffbird (Notharchus macrorhynchos) is a species of puffbird in the family Bucconidae. It is found in forest and woodland in north-eastern South America (and named after The Guianas), in far eastern Venezuela, north-eastern Brazil, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana.

Line Count: 16 Lines
Word Count: 134 Words
Stanzas: 4 Stanza
Rhyming Scheme: abab, cdcd, efef, ghgh,
Form: Free Form
Prompt: Take me to the place of my dreams.
Written For: "Endings are the New Beginning Contest"
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