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A contest unicorn entry. This story is all about our beloved {suser:1starsong}

Mona, the fairy princess flew from tree to tree. She needed to pick blackberries for the congregational feast tonight and she couldn't be late -- not today; the most important day in a young fairy's life. She wondered what animal guru her mother would pick for her. Would it be the noble wolf with its super intelligence and loyalty, or the stallion with its loftiness and determination. She, her twin brother, and ten others coming of age fairies would be given their animal teachers tonight.

"Mona, where are you?" She heard her mother call.

The young princess landed on the ground. "Right here, Mother."

Her mother tutted. "Have you finished your chores? I need to help you get ready for the banquet. Come along girl, you don't want to be late."

Mona scowled. "Why do I get chores but Tepid doesn't?"

The queen sighed. "Because he is a prince and you are a princess."

Mona folded her arms across her chest. "That's sixest."

Her mother smiled. "I think you mean sexist and that is a human word." She frowned. "Have you been to that human village again? You know it's forbidden."

Mona jutted out her chin. "Father calls them barbaric, but they have some good points. Like, woman are equal there and..."

Her mother raised her hands. "They do not have traditions. It is traditional for the prince, before the ceremony, to go out hunting with the king while the princess gathers food for the feast."

Mona sighed. "So, do you know what guru Tepid is going to get?"

The queen shook her head. "You know it is traditional for the prince's teacher to remain a secret until the presentation. Only the king must know the identity."

"Well, that's also a stupid law. Father gets to know who you choose for me, but you can't know what he has chosen for your son."

Her mother gave a sly smile. "Well, when you are queen, maybe you can change that."

Mona turned towards the castle. "Yeah, that's another thing. Father and Tepid's last word are law. I will be changing that as well. Why must they always be in charge." She stalked off towards the castle. "They rule... that's another thing that will change when I'm queen."

"Her mother followed slowly behind. "No, my darling. We just let them think they're in charge."

The king waved to his wife as soon as she entered the big hall in the oak tree. The queen smiled and walked over.

He kissed her on the cheek. "Is everything ready? The hall looks great by the way."

The queen gazed at the glitter balls hung from the ceiling and the gold coloured walls with the marble dance floor in the centre of the tree hall. "Don't you think it's a bit..."

The king frowned. "Yes, but Mother does it every year and who am I to tell her she can't, and you know how she likes shinny things."

The queen hid a smile behind her tiny, delicate hand. "It's a good job your great grandfather had twins before your mother otherwise she would be queen and we would have all been made to wear sparkles. Your great grandmother picked the right guru for her, the Magpie."

"Well, the tradition is to pick an animal best suited to the adolescent's character."

The queen cocked her head to one side. "You know Mono is right. Our laws are pretty outdated."

Her husband groaned. "Is she starting that again. I hope she behaves herself." He raised his eyebrows. "I am not sure if we are doing her a disservice in the guru you have picked out for her."

The queen smirked. "Well, if you consider her personality, what other animal would I... could I have picked for her."

The king opened his mouth to answer but didn't get a chance as the procession entered the hall.

The king smiled as his son shook his hand. Tepid's guru, the lone wolf stood beside his pupil with its head in the air. They looked a fine pair. Both aloof and regal. Tepid in his black suit and green bow tie and the wolf with his fur brushed and a look of distain in his cold blue eyes.

Mona, next in line and the last young fairy to get her mentor, swayed in her green ballroom gown. Her father nodded. She looked good and, for once, just how a princess should look. He held out his hand and she shook it. "For my only daughter your mother has picked out the unicorn."

Mona's face fell. "The u-unicorn! Why the unicorn?"

Her father scowled and whispered, "ask your mother."

Mona sat on a tree branch and gazed at the floor. Her mother spotted her and walked over.

"Why so glum, my child?"

"Oh, Mother, the unicorn," she wailed. "Do you think that little of me?"

Her mother pulled the girl to her feet and spun her around. "You are my fiery firefly. I think the world of you."

"Then why the unicorn. They are classed as airheads and not real. I will be a laughing stock."

Her mother let go of her and turned away. "Do you care what the other fairies say?"

Mona rubbed her chin. "No, not really."

Her mother faced her. "Neither does the unicorn. They are free sprites and don't care if the idea of them are accepted or not. They are new and fresh. They want to change the animal kingdom of fairy land and make it modern and acceptable to all animals; new and old."

"Just like me," Mona whispered.

Her mother nodded. "That is why I picked the unicorn. The two of you will change fairyland together. He will know when to pull you back and when to let you soar. He will not only be your teacher but your friend. You two are to similar not to be friends."

The corners of Mona's mouth began to lift. "The humans have a saying, Mother knows best. I think, when I'm queen, that will be our motto." She fluttered her wings and flew off to find her new guardian and potential best friend.

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