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Rated: E · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2168958
My first ever fanfic here so don't you DARE CRITICIZE ME! Enjoy responsibly.
Episode 1 : A Melodious Encounter!

There was a boy in the Unova region who went by the name of Travis. He was 13, had brown hair, glasses, and the softest of hearts. His life was good but not exciting. He was actually lonely. Kids in school would push him, kick him and on one occasion, break his glasses. Travis had no one to believe him. His mom was the only one who did. His dad died of cancer when he was 45. Well, his life wasn’t that bad. He still had someone who cared about him as much as his mom. His girlfriend. She had recognized the abuse and stood up for him, and still did. He and Melissa, his girlfriend, would play duet violin in the Forest of Serenity. She, however, had to go to the Kalos region because there was some trouble with her family there. He was about to have a tragedy struck upon him. He came back home from school one day, remembering that his mom worked late that day. He went to sleep, and woke up the next morning to find a Pelipper at the door holding a letter.

Travis took the letter, opened it, and read it. He was struck with a bolt of misery when he read it. It read, “Hello, Travis. This is your grandma. I have some tragic news. Your mom was killed in a car accident on her way to work. I was informed of the news from the cops when they asked who to contact to tell you. Please, don’t worry. I will come and take care of you!” He cried violently, questioning the universe “why?”. He went to the Forest of Serenity to play violin. He played Silent Night, since his mom sung it to him when he was a baby. The violin hummed,

"Silent Night! Holy Night!

All is calm, All is bright

Round yon virgin...”

He couldn’t go on since the next word was “mother”. He started to cry again. He cried until he heard someone playing the rest of the song. He wiped his eyes and he flowed the glimmering melody. He went until he found the source of the beautiful playing. It was a Meloetta that was also crying. He started playing again on key with the melody. The Meloetta noticed him and played along with him. They played for a while until the Pokemon broke down into tears. He stopped playing as well and asked her what was wrong.

The Meloetta said, “My friends were taken by a group of Pokémon capturers called Team Plasma. They took them but I escaped!” He assured her that they would find them and save her friends. Meloetta looked at Travis with shimmering eyes. She hugged him. He hugged her back. “Alright!”, said Travis, “where did you last see your friends?” “Hold on to me! Ill take you!” said Meloetta. He held onto her, and she sang a cheerful melody. As she sang, they rose form the ground and were flying. They flew until they reached the Tree of Eternal Happiness. They descended and the melody stopped.

"So. This is where they were captured?" Travis asked. The Meloetta nodded in reply. Travis stooped down to Meloetta's level. "I promise you that we will find your friends and we will free them, okay?" Meloetta started to cry, and Travis wiped the tear. She looked at him with a beaming smile, trusting Travis on his promise. Travis would have two objectives. Finding Meloetta's friends and defeating Team Plasma. Travis then noticed someone behind a tree and behind Meloetta. "Meloetta! Look out!" A Team Plasma member stayed to find and capture Meloetta once she returned. The Plasma fired a paralyzing beam at Meloetta but Travis quickly dove in and took the blow. She rushes to him the check if he was okay. He couldn't move his mouth to tell her.

"Now for the prize!" said the Plasma, aiming the beam at her again. Meloetta turned angry, turning the once melodious tone into a festival of off-key sounds. She used Focus Blast on the Plasma and he quickly ran away. Meloetta quickly rushed to find a Cheri Berry, found one, and fed it to Travis. He suddenly recovered from the paralysis and gave Meloetta a big hug. "Thank you! You are like- no. You are a best friend!" They aimed at finding Team Plasma and Meloetta's friends, but their bond also grew stronger!
© Copyright 2018 Meloetta & Me (meloettalover9 at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2168958