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by Jen
Rated: GC · Non-fiction · Romance/Love · #2168988
This story I wrote about Lacey Monroe and Mitchell Connors won the nationals skating
Jennifer Croy 2018.

Acknowledgements This is another book I'm publishing soon wrote over 58 books and poetry. I like to Thank my fans and friends Deborah Brooks Langford, Susan Joyner Stumpf, and my husband and entire family where I wouldn't be now writing everyday becoming a great author. I have my bookstore on Facebook Jennifer's Book store Lulu.com/spotlight/Jennybooboo Amazon.com/Jennifer Croy's books on Kindle publishing and good reads.com

Chapter One
Lacey Monroe was a gold champion medalist figure skater. She practiced with her coach Maggie Winston every morning with her partner Mitchell Connors, until a tragic accident made her go blind and thought she could skate no more. Lacey was what you called a beautiful ice princess. She graced the rink like a swan gliding through the air in being pushed from her coach into double axels. Her blond long hair and blue eyes caught many judges when she partnered with Mitchell Connors doing a triple toe loop, spinning around three times in the air. She would land on one foot and use the same foot to take off for the next triple toe loop, spinning three more times. Lacey Monroe started out at age fourteen after her first practice she nailed the triple.
Chapter Two
Mitchell and Lacey were great together. After the competition, some of the judges were saying, "Wow, that was great! Who is this skater?" Other judges were saying, "Did I see what I thought I saw?" Lacey was just an average figure skater. But she also knew she worked hard at becoming a world champion Olympic figure skater. The coach pushed and pushed her training into an expert world champion Olympic figure skater. Lacey during her competitions wore red shiny costumes and a touch of makeup. Mitchell Connors had black hair and brown eyes when he met Lacey Monroe at fourteen. They partnered up and practiced every day. He fell in love with her at age eighteen until when Lacey partnered up with another figure skater Mick Walters. But then she started going out to lunch with him and practice skating with him every day. It made Mitchell jealous and he didn't want to see her again or even skate in competition. When Mick and Lacey won medals at world sectionals Olympics as the top greatest figure skaters she tried another triple toe loop jump and lost her balance and tripped over her blade. Lacey won the regionals, when she did a triple Lutz jump. Then She crashed on the ice and hit her head. Maggie Winston flew to her side and the stretcher came and took her to the hospital Clear waters Sinai hospital. The neurologist took tests and found a large hematoma blood clot causing a swelling on her optic nerve that made her go blind. Lacey's dreams were over becoming a world champion figure skater. She felt sorry for herself and went home living in a world of darkness. Mitchell Connors went to visit her and found out in the papers she was not competing anymore in the Nationals. Mick called her several times but ignored his calls and didn't want to see anyone. That day when the accident happened left her feeling alone and abandoned. Lacey didn't want anyone pity her, or that she couldn't compete with the other figure skaters.
Chapter Three
Lacey just stayed up in her room, depressed and alone. Her father knocked on her door. "Lacey, you have a visitor downstairs." "Dad, I don't want to see anyone, send them away!" Her father opened the door and told her that she can't keep avoiding everyone because of her accident. Lacey shook her head, and replied no. She was a talented skater that was struck down by pure tragic accident that left her blind and defeated by dumb luck. She never felt so alone and clumsy when she fell on the ice and struck her head.

"Lacey, you can't keep avoiding everyone?" Her father replied, with concern in his voice. "I don't want anyone feeling sorry for me?" she muffled above a whisper. Her father put his hand on her shoulder and replied, "tell him yourself."

Chapter Four
"Who is it?" I can't face Mick right now." Tell him I'm sick or something." She replied coldly. "Its not Mick." He said. Mitchell was pacing back and forth downstairs with his hands in his pockets waiting patiently. He saw the photos on the wall with Lacey's awards from competition meets and gold medals. Lacey's father took her by the arm and led her downstairs. Lacey's complexion was pale without makeup but to Mitchell she was still beautiful. "Hello, Lacey." He smiled. Lacey couldn't see if he was glad to see her but felt a harsh tone in his voice. "let's go outside and talk,"
he said confidently. Lacey wrinkled her nose, "What are you doing here?" she asked. "I came to see you, and heard you were not skating anymore." He took her hand and led her outside with the warm sun glistening her face. "I saw your coach and told me what happened." Lacey shot him a sharp look. "So, you come over to see the blind girl?" And felt sorry for me?" Mitchell's mouth curled up at the corner. "No, I was concerned." He slung his arm around her shoulders and gave her a squeeze, hoping to cajole the tight look off her face. She was so tense it was like hugging a rock. "I want you to come skate with me on the pond." He asked, confidently. "I will not let go of your hand, I promise." She wriggled out beneath his arm. "God. I'm such an idiot," she muttered, kneading her forehead again. "What planet are you from?" I can't skate, or have you forgotten I can't see." She couldn't see if he was laughing at her or trying to play her. "I know, Lacey." He said. Don't you trust me?" He looked into her beautiful blue eyes and even though he was still hurt she had skated with another guy deep down he still loved her. He glided her out on the pond, but Lacey was tense and scared that she would tumble again. "It's okay." He assured her. "I will be your eyes and listen to my voice." They skated together on the pond gracefully and free like two swans swaying back and forth holding each other tightly. Then it happened Mitchell flash backed with her skating with Mick and let go of her hand. She fell on her butt on the cold ice. "Please tell me you are not laughing at me," Lacey said. "You've got to admit, its kind of funny." No, it isn't." I trusted you!

Chapter Five
"Here's a hand in front of you, grab it. Mitchell said in a slow, easy drawl, his hand warm and pulled Lacey to her feet. "You did that on purpose?" "Maybe." He smiled, I wanted to see you break your ass." "Why are you doing this?" She smiled meekly. He gazed upon her pale sweet face and was so determined to hurt her back for being with Mick. But he couldn't bring himself to intentionally hurt Lacey because he'd fallen head over heels when she was eighteen. He really loved her. Why did he love her so? Mitchell picked up the pace on the ice real fast and took her hand, "You're going to do a triple Lutz jump." Lacey was petrified picking up speed on the ice. "No, Mitchell I can't.!" She screamed. "You will, he sneered through gritted teeth. "There are no cameras or audience to watch." He threw her up in the air, as she tried the triple Lutz jump and landed on her butt again. "You Bastard!" He reached out for her with his hand, "I'm sorry Lacey." Mitchell frowned. "I didn't mean to hurt you." She pushed his hand away forcibly. "I don't need you to help me up." Mitchell took her back to the house and talked with her father. "I wanted to hurt her, his eyes a glaze with sincere sadness. "So, why are you here?" Her father asked. "Are you to punish her, or get back for winning the gold medal with another guy?" "Maybe." Mitchell said. "But I think Lacey can win again with the Nationals coming up next week." Lacey shook her head grimly. No, I can't they will laugh at me, or feel sorry for me." "They might, said Mitchell with his adoring brown eyes. "But I will be there to push you and coach you." "We can do it Lacey." He took her hand and kissed her knuckles. So, the next following week he trained Lacey every morning at the break of dawn. Hearing Mitchell's voice pushing her as she glided around Beaumont's rink. She was so graceful and beautiful. She got ready to do a triple Lutz jump but fell a few times on her butt. Mitchell picked her up again on her feet.
Chapter Six
They broke out in laughter. This time after a couple more tries she did it. Even blind that girl could do anything if she pushed herself hard enough. Mitchell skated over to her and pulled her close. "You did it!" That's my girl. He held her so tightly with love that he thought she would bust. He wanted to kiss her but was afraid she would only break his heart again. "Mitchell, what's wrong?" She asked blinking her baby blues at him. She wanted to kiss him back, but he shook his head. He started to push her away but still held her close. "I'm sorry, I hurt you, but I really do love you." She exclaimed with heartfelt tears. He grabbed her and planted a passionate kiss on her dainty sweet moist lips that tasted like strawberries. "Let's go to the back room, I need some reassurance." He smiled raising one eyebrow. They continued their training and made love that morning. Lacey was so happy to be back in the living world having her man back and now him training her to compete in the championship one last time. Lacey put on her red shimmery costume skating dress and her mother did her hair and makeup. When she finally entered the ice capades nationals, she was so nervous being back because no one knew she had an accident. Mitchell looked at her lovingly and kissed her forehead. "You ready?" He asked. "I think so," she said biting her lower lip. He took her hand, it will be okay I promise." He reassured her touching her arm warmly. Last sectionals the figure skaters were there with their partners. It was amazing and the judges sitting so profound to judge the figure skaters. First place Maddie Singer was there and glanced over putting on her skates and saw Lacey, but she wasn't with her last winner partner Mick Walters. He was out in stands watching this time. Maddie saw her with Mitchell Connors. She looked right at her. "Hey, Lacey. Good luck today." Mitchell held her close by the arm and told Lacey she was to the right. Maddie couldn't tell she was blind. "Thanks, Maddie." She smiled genuinely, you too." Mitchell helped Lacey lace up her skates and kissed her on the mouth for luck. Mitchell steered her toward the entrance way on the rink. He was rubbing her shoulders as the announcer came over the loud speaker, to say her name very aware of all the curious eyes on them. Mick looked below and saw her getting ready to skate. He knew she was blind and thought this couldn't be? The audience or fans will laugh or pity her? Mick ran down below the stand and grabbed Mitchell by the arm, "What the hell are you doing?" He sneered through gritted teeth. Mitchell took his hand off his arm and said none of your business. "It is my business, if she going to be a laughing stalk with this crowd?" His tone was mildly sarcastic. He fixed his gaze on him, eyes slightly narrowed.

Chapter Seven
Lacey shifted her weight, thrown by the two making a spectacle in drawing the crowd. "Please, she begged. "Don't do this now." She took her hand and brushed Mitchell's cheek. "I know what I'm doing Mick." Stay out of my business." Mitchell glared at him chin tilted aggressively. "She's skating with me now, and she's over you." Lacey told Mick it was over and that she loved Mitchell. Stunned, Mick rocked back on his heels. She lifted her chin. "I've loved him since I was eighteen, and I know what he is doing." "Lacey. I just don't want to see you laughed at or an object of pity. "Well, I wish you luck and he kissed her cheek. Mick ran back up the stand waiting for her to take the ice. As she pushed off - glided across the rink, pointed her toes tip to her blades and arms at her side. Her blades carving into the ice were the only sound she heard. Her father, Mitchell, and her mother watching through the crowds in anticipation praying no one would laugh at her, or tell she was blind. Lacey Monroe was so nervous and tensed up feeling like she was going to fall again and then everyone in the crowd would know she couldn't see. She had confidence and trust in Mitchell from training her every morning and knew she could do it. She had to believe in herself. Lacey swallowed hard. Just breathe. She circled around the rink and skated a small figure eight. Even though she saw fuzzy images around the walls and boards she was trained well from Mitchell.
Chapter eight
Her coach Maggie Winston was out in the stand tears running down her face amazed seeing how graceful Lacey was. The announcer queued up the music and she another lap around the rink. Her long honey- colored French braid bouncing against her back. She pulled off a double axel, double toe combo and transitioned into a camel spin, one she didn't end up on her butt. The crowd cheering and clapping in admiration. She glided across the ice in a spread eagle. Jamming her toe pick into the ice once again, she came to a stop and thrust her arms in the air. There. Whistles and applauds came from the stands. Lacey took up speed and finally did her Triple Lutz jump that she'd won the regionals with. It was a perfect jump. Everyone clapped and whistled in the crowd and Mick stood and cheered. Then, Mitchell and Lacey forgot they threw roses out in the rink. She tripped over the roses trying to stand up. Mitchell ran to her and picked her up. "I forgot the roses," he said smiling. He took her by the hand and let her out to the middle of the rink. Everyone in the crowd went quiet for a second, but still applauded the ice princess who had won the regionals for her triple Lutz jump. The crowd didn't pity her because she was blind, they commended her to get back out there and skated even when she couldn't see. Lacey smiled at Mitchell and hoped he would stick around.

Chapter Nine
Mitchell Connors and Lacey Monroe stayed together skating every skating event. He coached her and never left her side. The ice princess had a great man who truly loved her and soon to be married by next year. She was so happy and in love. The best weeks of her life.
Chapter ten
He was so wonderful. A far better man than she'd ever realized. Sweet and tender, endlessly generous both in skating together and laughing all the time. After all these years, she was finally his. Lacey was finally going to marry her partner and fell in love when she was eighteen. Eighteen years she'd waited to say those words, and they flew from her lips so easily, so naturally. "I love you, Mitchell. "Always." "I love you too." His arms tightened around her. She closed her eyes, savoring his words, savoring the buoyant, warm expansive feeling behind her smile. All was right in her perfect world. They skated in the last nationals together side by side Mitchell never letting her go.

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