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Rated: E · Chapter · Action/Adventure · #2168989
The mysterious Jedi Alive or Dead
Having saved the lives of the crew of a Venator and taking over three Munificent Class Ships The Jedi returns home with his new venator. Meanwhile the Venators troops go to another Venator one being Changed by Smiling Skywalker and his padawan Ashoka once onboard they are greeted by Anakin and immediately want to know what happened. "Commander what happened to your ship?" "We were ambushed sir by three Munificence Classes if it weren't for the Jedi we wouldn't have made it out of there alive." "What jedi, show me where." They go to the bridge and the rest of his men get help the Captain shows where his ship was on the map, " Thats right on the line, im guessing they saw an easy target, set a course we need to help that Jedi if hes still alive." "Commander we cant move this ship out of position it's strategically placed here for a reason." Anakin thought for a moment, "Then ready my ship and if you can spare it a couple fighters." Anakin and his padawan head down to the hangar where his ship is not ready instead there are two fighters waiting and a small transport ship. " I guess the General thought this might be better." Ashoka said sarcastically "Actually it is in case of survivors." Anakin and his padawan head out and R2 plugs in the coordinates and they all jump to hyperspace. Meanwhile The Jedi in question has returned home and is being positioned in the ground for reconstruction and hides the 3 munificences, " I had some ideas for our ship as he shows his team a hologram of a blueprint for a well armed ship. " Thats going to take alot of man power" says Tec, " We don't have to use man power." As he says that they all look over at the thousand or so droids they captured waiting to be reprogrammed, the work began as soon as the droids were reprogrammed however it would still take awhile even with using droids. Meanwhile Anakin and his escort were coming out of hyperspace. "Coming pit in 3,2,1, let's go" as soon as he says that they come out of hyperspace to see nothing,"Are we at the right location" Ashoka asks, "Were here but the ships are gone whoever won left no evidence, R2 scan for planets in the area and along the line." "Master I got a plabet on the line but there's no information about it, actually I only picked it up on the long range scanner, its like it doesnt exist." R2 plug in the coordinates we have to find out what happened here" "beep boop bleep bloop" R2 said that the coordinates were restricted and that he was unable to plug them in and plan the path. Confused Anakin decided to return to the ship not wanting to be out in the open for much longer. Once back he contacts Obiwan hoping he knows what's going on. Anakin explains the situation and Obiwan is able to tell him the situation, " So can I get access to go there and see what happened." "Anakin ive only met him once but let me tell you he can certainly handle himself that and the council put him on that planet for more than just guarding the planet, he was different and the council didn't like that so we gave him an important job." "While the council wipes their feet off of a grey mark." "Anakin ill give you access but go there in an unmarked ship got it?" "Understood Master" Anakin and Ashoka get their ship ready and head out plugging in the coordinates themselves the go into hyperspace to meet this mysterious Jedi living on a planet that doesn't exist.
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