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This is how I feel about us, the connection I feel.......
Whenever we meet I feel that connection between us, that friction that only we feel and see unknown to anyone else. If an outside observes us I don't think they will catch it because it is felt not seen.

I feel your eyes on me when I'm not looking and I know you feel it too. The secret glances we steal from everyone else. It feels so wrong but I know we cannot avoid it.

When we talk it's never personal and no-one will ever guess what going on in our heads. Our eyes do a lot of talking which we are more than content with. It's strange yet so familiar.

And whenever we do part I always look long after you say goodbye and you always look back because you know I'm watching. We don't have to say anything it's just our eye dancing with no words coming out. We look hard at each other saying all the things that merely words cannot express.
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