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i think its better than the first episode. Comment on it! Nicely
Meloetta & Me
Meloetta & Me Episode 2: An Old Friend Comes To Help!
Travis Rodrigue

Meloetta and Travis continued their journey, but after a while, they started to notice a set of tracks. Shoe tracks that had the distinct Plasma trademark on it. "This is it! How we find them! Lets go!" said Travis. They ran and ran until the tracks stopped. The Meloetta said, "Its no use! There's no way to find them now!" She started to cry again. Travis reassured her, "Don't worry! I made a promise and I'll keep it!" "Hey Travis! I'm back!" said a familiar voice. It was Melissa! Travis looked up and ran to her, then hugged her.

"Miss you!" they both said. They then shared a laugh. Meloetta asked Travis, "This is your friend to?" Travis nodded to her. Melissa then noticed Meloetta near him. "WOAH! You caught a Meloetta?" she asked. "Well, no, but I'm helping her get her friends back from Team Plasma." Melissa took out a Pokeball. "My grandma died, but she wanted to give me this to remind me of her. Come out, Diancie!"she said. The Pokeball opened and out emerged a Pokemon that had an extraordinary amount of beautiful. That beauty was amplified by the glistening, pink diamonds on her body. "Woah! Its so BEAUTIFUL!" Travis declared. Melissa said, "She can probably help you find Meloetta's friends!"

Diancie then created a path that she found Team Plasma's scent on. They followed her until she cheered and they found the Plasma Hideout. "Great job, Diancie!" said Melissa, rubbing her head. "Thank you, Melissa," said Travis, "but can you still help us? We need to prepare for a battle." Melissa agreed, and so did Diancie. They made there way to the Hideout, but then noticed two Plasma members pulling in Meloetta's friends. "There they are! Lets go!" said Meloetta. They carefully made their way in. They made sure not to be found, but just as they were approaching the main headquarters, a Plasma member spotted them! "Intruders! You will be punished for trying to spy on us!" he said. At that moment, they were surrounded by Plasma members.

"Halt!" boomed a authoritative voice. The Plasma members in front cleared the way, and a tall, blue haired man walked in front of the teens. "What are you doing here? Tell us now, or face the consequences!" "W-well...um" muttered Travis. The Plasma Chief then noticed the Meloetta. "So, you came to take your friends back, did you? Well, here they are!" At that moment, A door opened and Keldeo and Genesect, Meloetta's friends, appeared, but had a red glow in their eyes. Meloetta went to them, but Keldeo kicked her back. "You monsters! Stealing and hurting Pokemon for your own gain? Why would you do that?" said Melissa, while Travis checked if Meloetta was okay. The chief said, "We do what is necessary to gain the people's/Pokémon's respect, hoping that we will have complete control of Unova and then we will create an ideal world, rid of maggots like you!"

The chief then ordered Keldeo and Genesect to come to him, in which they did. "Genesect, use Thunder Wave!" Genesect did just that, paralyzing Travis, Diancie and Melissa, but Meloetta avoided the attack. She hid behind a wall but watched the events unfold. "Darn, the Meloetta ran away! Well, it wouldn't have been any use to us! Guards! Take these maggots away, but keep the Diancie!" "No! Diancie! Try to fight back!" said Melissa. Diancie tried but couldn't move. The guards took Travis and Melissa to a dimly-lit room with shackles that were laser blue, placing them in chains against a wall. The other guards took Diancie to a room that was full of scientist and machinery. They placed her in shackles made of titanium steel.

Meloetta wanted to help, but she didn't know how. She worried that she'd get caught. She thought to herself, "Why? Why did I try to rescue them when I'm to weak to even protect Travis." But then, she thought about how Travis made her happy. How he promised to rescue her friends. Then she thought, "Now, I have to rescue my friends! All of them. Even Travis!" Then, she rushed to the chamber in which Travis and Melissa were held. She opened the door and entered the room. "Meloetta! You came back?" asked Travis. Meloetta nodded and used Karate Chop on the chains, breaking them.

"Thank you! Oh Thank You!" said Travis, hugging Meloetta tightly. "Now," said Meloetta, "to save the others!" The three went to the lab were they held Diancie and Melissa ran to her, but then Genesect and Keldeo blocked the path. Genesect used Tri-Attack on Meloetta and Keldeo used Hydro Cannon. Meloetta got hit by both attacks and was weakened by it. Melissa looked through a glass window on the wall near her and saw a device with the Plasma mark on it being placed on Diancie, who was struggling to free herself. "Travis! We need to do something! QUICK!" she said. Travis looked around panicked, but then noticed the device was on Keldeo and Genesect and noticed something about it.

"Meloetta! You need to use Hyper Voice! Now! The device is controlling them, and the devices are made of glass!" yelled Travis. Meloetta looked at Travis with trusting eyes and used Hyper Voice. The devices were shattered and the glass window was also shattered. The scientists noticed them and Diancie broke free and went to Melissa. They reunited, as did Keldeo, Genesect and Meloetta. The scientists rang an alarm and Plasma Members surrounded the team. They all used Unfezants and Watchogs, which were all defeated by Keldeo using Surf. The members were all defeated, but then the chief arrived and told the team, "Thank you for doing this. Really. I now have the chance to test my newest experiments! Go, Kyurem Black and Kyurem White!" Two Kyurem came out; one who was similar looking to Reshiram (Kyurem Black) and one who resembled Zekrom (Kyurem White).

"Kyurem Black use Fusion Flare! Kyurem White use Fusion Bolt!" ordered the chief. The Kyurems created two spheres of energy: one of fire and one of lightning. The two spheres fused to make one giant ball of electric and flaming energy. "Now use the Fusion Overdrive!" boomed the chief. The energy ball went flying at the team. "Genesect use Tri-Attack! Keldeo use Hydro Cannon! Meloetta use Psychic to hold it together!" Travis ordered. The result was a water ball with fire bands, water bands and electric bands spinning around it. "Now, Meloetta, use Atomic Surf!" Meloetta launched the attack and the blast collided with the Fusion Overdrive. The Atomic Surf then mixed with the Fusion Overdrive, and exploded, flooding the whole building and riding the team out of the hideout.

"That was a close one" said Melissa. The Plasma members and chief were washed out also and they all ran away from the teens. Travis and Melissa and the Pokemon go to the Forest of Serenity. "I heard your mother died." said Melissa. "I'm sorry for your loss, but I have something for you. Here you go!" Melissa handed Travis a sheet of music labeled "Lean on Me". "This is one of my favorite music sheets because it reminds me of when I was lonely and needed someone to lean on, when I met you!" Travis took the music sheet and they both started to play, then Meloetta played to. When they were done, Meloetta said good-bye to her friends.

"Meloetta? Why are you saying good-bye?" said Travis. "I want to come with you." she said. "Alright! Go Pokeball!"
Meloetta slapped the ball away. "I don't get it!" said Travis. Then Meloetta hugged Travis's legs and said "I want to travel with you, till the very end, not just as a Pokemon or a prop, but as a friend!" At that moment, Travis picked Meloetta up and propped her on his shoulder. "Then that's how its gonna be. As a friend!" Travis and Meloetta cheered, but then Travis forgot that his grandmother was coming to take care of him. "Uh-oh! Gotta run! See you again sometime!" He and Meloetta ran back home and his grandmother was already there, thinking that he was just playing outside. "My my! You caught a Meloetta?" she asked. "No. I befriended her!" "Well, how did you met?" "Its a long story! And we're happy to tell it!"
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