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Being taken away from me, Is another kind of misery
The Torture Chamber

Can it be? Is it really you?
Or just an illusion that my brain drew?
The ink scattered lines
The clock behind times
The melodious voices nothing but lies
Secrets hidden behind glassy eyes
And yet nobody says goodbye
Is it real? Can it be you?
Or legends that my brain believes to be true?
Words turn to screams
Nothing is as it seems
A world of tattered dreams
And broken schemes
Where oblivion gleams
Will it really be? Can I make it to you?
Could it be that you already knew?
A place where we blindly see
Everyone is untrustworthy
Being beaten, broken and treated absurdly
Crying rivers, imprisoned forever, just like me
And yet, no mercy
Leave it be? Is that you?
Across an abyss I can’t get through?
The news is out, I can hear them say
You won’t live to see another day
I cry for you, but I’m so far away
I’ll only see you decay
Beside your grave, I’ll visit you that way.

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