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Rated: E · Poetry · Spiritual · #2169185
My entry for Scarlett's Lighthouse Poetry Contest
You Don't Remember Me, Do You?

I remember that night when we walked towards the river
that passes under the covered bridge that spans across
the small world that once saw the lowest ebb this hamlet
ever has seen in it's entire existence, a place of old,
very old, too old, antique, ancient, and then, of course,

That night we did what other youth has been known to do
and that would absolutely include exploring alongside
of the others who, despite being different people and all,
plainly made me puzzled, perplexed, but these were your
characters, your people that I never met nor wanted to as
it turned out.

Naturally you planned everything, a sort of deviant
Training Day that covered all the bases, as we say
when playing ball on an uneven playing ground. How
you scoffed when you asked me of mine own experiences,
told me what a liar I was, made your important narcissistic
self all the more grande.

Whether I choose to remember you or not makes all
the difference between night and day, the kind of
night and day that we live within our conscience,
the kind of night and day that found you attempting
to blur every point of Light, every line of faith as being
filled with lies.

Naturally you had something in mind beyond the kinds
of things that youths usually do not do, youths never
considered doing, youths who remember exactly
what you did and for years why you did it - your
sickness replete with examples of a how amazing
you thought yourself to be.

No need to preen when I am around, I thought, but
I was mistaken to think that your low self esteem
would mean anything more than your usual scoffing
self commenting on others' constant stupidity, the
cloud of negatives literally drifting like nerve gas
that agents swear by.

Don't think I do not know the score, for the swamp
is neither deep nor vast nor impenetrable for that
was meant as a scare tactic to be ignored, and yet
the kind of swamp you had pre-imagined was anything
but deep, nor kind nor of faith in others, for your
thirst for power is a stain.

That you so thoughtfully took photos and movies
of others without their consent, kept them like one
holds cards at a table clearly now has moved beyond
the bargaining chip phase. Many who now discovered
the extent of your evil ways have many paybacks
just for you.

I'll not be the judge of who or when - not even why -
because "1" - you're simply not worth the time and
"2" - Life clearly goes on without you like I and the
rest of us completely knew. Oh, how you're thinking
while pacing back and forth and back and forth as to
what it is that I mean.

My God in Heaven knows full the ways of your complete
iniquities, your plans to somehow break through cells
and ceilings, or whatever your weird kinked ways devise
for I have it on good authority that you're going to a place
where animals pace back and forth and back and forth
because we know now.

Death happens when you're around, the kinds of death
that you spoke about before, like that hospital job you
took, helping with an autopsy where they coroner cut
the hands off that helpless stiff and told you to
put them in a small bag.

I knew how you thought and why you thought it that way
but please, make no mistake about it, what and how you
sprang surprises on people, like the near-constant voyeuring
around the neighborhood, peering through windows of so
many whom you thought never saw you.

I did.

How you hated being found out. I have some good news
for you, the kind of good news that is spelled out clearly
in the Book of Job. A myth, you yell! A piece of filth!
A bogus book for the masses! Totally unfounded!!
Total lies!

I hear you now as completely as I did then.
Total lies, huh? Complete falsehoods, yes?
Then why do so many believe? Why are Bibles
the most widely-read and widely-believed Books
of all time?

I have an answer for you and I hope it is your
turn to listen to a Voice far greater than mine.
I do not wish you anything but peace within,
for I knew what your world was like, and why
it was that way.

For God spoke to Job, a man whom loved God
so very much that not even the most powerful
of Evil could tempt him. In other words, Satan
lost more than just face, Satan lost in front
of all his demons.

For God said to Job, who had been afflicted
with boils and sores, with the killing of all
his sons and daughters and livestock and
the destruction of his homes and the homes
of his family.

For God said unto Job so many things,
and unlike the stiff-necked, scoffing you,
He told Job later that all and then some
would be restored once again.Of course,
Job isn't good enough for you.

For God said unto Job -
" He is driven from light into darkness,
and chased out of the world."

And where shall that leave you?
Oh scoffing, all-knowing one, where
shall that leave you?

The bridge is the only way,
not in nor out but rather,
as it is preached to this day,
a way through - and where
will this leave you?

For the day approaches nigh,
where like all those you watched die,
you as well will take one pitiful
last breath, and no one will
be there with you.

And thank God Above .....
no one will
be there

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