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Deception and deceit of a foe that was destine to lose.
The Adversary

He watched them as day passed upon day, peering upon the intimate scene,
As God communed heart to heart, one on one with the woman and the man the only
Beings where his likeness and image could be seen.

Garden beautiful was unguarded and free for all to enter;
He crept in dexterous in all his ways with the sword of deceit clasped in hand
he came to conquer the mind of man.

Hurled from heaven by the creator of all good,
resentment heaved out an odious pit in the tempters salient mind,
with trenchant vengeance and anger's gall he purposed
that not only he would fall.

He would mar man the being where God's image was seen,
He struck his first blow with a question, opening the door
Of incredulity, he launched a final attack
By insinuating that God had held something back.

With the woman's mind in upheaval the forbidden morphed
Into a captivating delicacy,
impelling her into its aura without hesitancy.

Unbeknown to her she had been deceived,
So she ate and shared it with her mate.
He promised her the semblance of God knowing evil and good,
But his promise became wormwood.

They abdicated life's delight for knowledge cocooned in gloom
As black as night.

He originated the fall, but he did not win even in the face
Of his pugnacious gall.
In love God gave his son as a ransom, all that believe will live
Forever in heaven a far better standing than before the fall.

Whatever plots an evil foe may conjure the omniscient mind
Of God is impossible to conquer.

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