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Rated: E · Chapter · Romance/Love · #2169264
Erika arrives, and meets a new friend?
Location: In front of Ravenworth Academy TIME: 7:35 PM

DAY: Friday, December 13, 2016

Frame of Mind: A Tad Nervous and a Bit Curious

There it was, Ravenworth Academy, the most prestigious private school in the whole continent of Europe. Its gates were opened in an intimidating manner, revealing a ginormous campus. The buildings were black with a paved path filled with cement leading to the buildings. The grades there were kindergarten to 12th grade, but with the size of the place you would think that none of the grades would ever get in contact with the other.

"Miss Lyon, where should I place these bags?" I turned my attention to my chauffeur. Isaac had been in my cousin's staff since I was little, or maybe even more since he is a lot older than me. He was like family to me, since all I had left was my cousin. Isaac helped me with my homework if my cousin wasn't home.

"Oh, you can just drop them in front of the gates Isaac." He nodded and then lifted my bags out of the trunk of the limousine and set them on the floor. He bowed and smiled softly at me.

"The young master has informed me that your other luggage will be arriving soon, maybe tomorrow. Are you sure you will be alright until then?"

"Yes I'm sure Isaac. I can take care of myself now, since I have you, Jason, and everyone else in the mansion." Isaac laughed softly.

"It has been an honor to serve you and the young master Miss Erika, and I hope you have a marvelous time at the school." Then my cousin got out of the limousine and smiled at me. I smiled a little back.

"Jason!" I ran up to him.

"You ready for this?" He asked.

"I think I am." He frowned.

"That's not good enough," he replied coldly. I stiffened. He noticed this and hugged me.

I looked up at Jason. My cousin was a head and a half taller than me with black hair like mine except he had a few stripes of white in his hair. (When I ask him about this, he always dodges the question). He also had hypnotic blue eyes, a few times he had been mistaken as my boyfriend when I came with him a few times for one of the dinner parties that he was invited to, and when he was hosting them.

"Thank you Isaac. I hope you get back to the mansion safely." Isaac bowed again and got into the limousine.

"See you later Eri, don't get in trouble here alright?"

"I won't. Bye Jason." My cousin then planted a kiss on my forehead then he too got into the limousine as Mr. Isaac then drove away, leaving me still in front of the gates. As I went through the gates, I heard lots of whispering already, although it was none of the bad kind that I usually received, just the usual "who's that?'' conversations.

My name is Erika Lyon, with midnight, black hair that I had inherited from my mum, and my pitch black eyes from my dad. This is one of the few times I was let out into the outer world ever since my parents died in a car accident.

My cousin was very protective and didn't let me go anywhere that was outside the mansion that much because he didn't want me to remember anything that happened that night. I don't know what will happen if I remember, but whenever I ask my cousin, he always dismisses me angrily saying that there's no point in telling me since it won't change anything.

It took a lot of asking, pleading, and some help from the staff that he should let me go to a private school to live a life of normalcy. He said that he'd let me go as long as the school was to his taste, so you can imagine his face when our butler Joseph found an school that actually did suit his preferences. My cousin tried to hide it but our gardner found it in the trash and brought it to us. Even the cook Ms. Gina didn't want me to go, so both she and my cousin started making a list of reasons why I couldn't go to Ravenworth Academy. After 2 days they were finally worn down by our debate and finally let me go. . . .what can I say? They are very protective.

As I walked through the halls, my phone buzzed, startling me. I took it out and found out that it was my cousin again.

"Jason? It's only been two minutes since you saw me. What's wrong?" I asked. I heard a sigh on the other end.

"Eri, now that I think about it, you really should call me Jay." I heard a sigh on the other end. I instantly felt guilty.

"I know, but you know how I am. . ."

"Nevermind, it's fine." There was a pause. "But you know . . if you want to make it up to me. . . just call me Big Brother from now on." I could tell that he was smiling on the other end.

. . .

"That's gross. Say that again and I'll hang up on you."

"No, it's not! Can't I have my cute cousin do me this one little favor?" I felt my face grow hot, it was always embarrassing when he said things like that.

"Besides, are things alright over there?"


"That's great, but you know you don't have to go to that school. I can always get you a tutor.

"No, it's fine. I just want to see what going to a school with other people is like."

I felt a bit happy. Jason had always been looking out for me since I was a little girl. . . and since my parents died. He was like the big brother that I never had. I heard chuckling on the other end.

" So, have your things arrived yet."

" No, not yet, but I think it will arrive soon." There was a silence. " You're going to miss me aren't you?"

"No, it's fine, I can take care of myself." I heard chuckling. "Yeah, I know . . . but you know you can call me if anything happens right? Cause if anything happened to you. . . " I interrupted him with a laugh.

" Thanks for taking care of me all this time. . . Jay."

. . . Silence.

"I only said that so you'd stop sulking ok!" I admitted grudgingly , my face on fire.

"You really know how to build a person up huh? Well, I'll call you later. Call me if anything happens alright?"

"Ok." Then he hung up. I sighed and put the phone in the pocket of my skirt. I looked down and found myself looking into the eyes of a short girl with bright blue eyes and short, bouncy, red hair that jumped right in front of me.

"Hello there! Are you new? Oh I just love it when new people come here, that means I can make new friends! Don't you love it when you meet someone new, cause I know that I LOVE it! Oh what's your favorite color?! Is it orange, purple, or blue? Oooh, or maybe it's- ,'' she babbled. I held up a hand to stop her from talking. She blushed.

I looked at the girl in front of me. She had on a black, collared shirt with short sleeves, plus a red and black plaid tie. She had on a black skirt with rainbow leggings underneath. Her shoes were shiny, petite, red heels. I looked at myself: a black v-neck sweater that hugged all my curves with a white, collared shirt underneath. I had on a small, short skirt just like the one the girl had on, except it was a black and red plaid skirt. I had on sleek, black stockings with black heels. My cousin Jason helped me pick it out, he said it would deter any animals from trying to breathe the same air as me.

And when he said animals, he meant men.

I then turned my attention back to the girl.

"I am so sorry. I just get so excited when new people come here! By the way, I'm Angelica, but my friends call me Gelica, but don't call me Gel because that's what the guys call me, oh and you also can't call me Angel that's the worst you could call me, only my parents can call me that.'' There was a pause.

"Sooo... I can call you Gelica then ? '' I asked.

"Sure you can! Now that I think about it, you haven't mentioned your name yet! '' I looked her up and down and frowned at her. "Yeah, sorry about that, my name is Erika. Sorry, but I have to go now, maybe I'll see you later Gelica?" I walked away from her, leaving her grinning like an idiot, for what reason though, I was unaware of.

"Ok! See ya later 'Rika!

It seems I already have a nickname. . .

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