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A love story of two teens from two different worlds
Ella also had a crush on Ken but she was really scared to tell him because she was poor and he was rich. Ken’s dad loved Ella because she reminded him of wife, Victoria. Jacob always wanted his son to have a girl who was nice, sweet and most importantly who represented him of his wife. Victoria died when Ken was 12 years old and after that Ken never talked with anyone other than his father. When Jacob told Ella about his wife, she felt bad for Ken. Out of the blue, Jacob asked her to move in because Jacob felt that Ella was the one for his son. Ella didn’t agree at first but after some time she said “yes” as Jacob said that her parents could move in too. Ella felt so blessed to have all these people loving her. She decided to give up on her dream because she thought it would be greedy if she asked for more. Ken and Ella became really close since they stayed at the same house. Though Ella forgot about her dream Ken never did. Clare was also interested in Ken but Ken never showed any. When she heard about Ken and Ella living together she was really jealous. One day, when Ella was walking alone because she had extra class. Clare was visiting the shop nearby and saw Ella walking alone, she tried following her when they reached an alleyway. Clare grabbed her and punched her in the stomach.
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