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...another bizarre dream
         A dream on my last day at the North Florida Al-Anon Convention at the Renaissance Orlando at Seaworld, Room 5111.

         On September 16, 2018, around 2:00 a.m., I awoke with a start after dreaming someone was (violently) chipping, hammering away at my sister’s head (Yvette) with a tool resembling a pick-axe. I could feel the intensity of the blows being brought upon her head---her mind. Her skull was open and her brain was exposed and bleeding. Upon awakening, I wondered, “What was that?” I love my sister and wish her no harm.

         Shaking my head, I used the bathroom and then went back to bed. Waking again at about 5:19 a.m., I got up.

         I then dressed, gathered up my luggage, checked out and carried my things to the car. I came back inside, bought a coffee at Starbucks and found a seat in a quiet place in the common area to pray, read my bible and a devotional… the same place I occupied the previous morning.

         However, the day before, I could feel God’s presence in a very tangible way. Today, it was as if he had forsaken me. I felt alone. I asked him to forgive me my trespasses as I forgive the trespasses of others and invoked an impartation of the fruit of His Spirit into me.


         Because I could actually feel the intensity of the blows against my sister, I originally thought I was her perpetrator, which led me to believe the dream was from the enemy----the dark side.

         Just a day later---in prayer---I realize that since I love my sister and, therefore, would do no violence against her---that possibly I received this dream so as to pray for her. Maybe she (her mind, brain) is under attack and I simply am being shown the intensity of this attack so I can pray hard against it.
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