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You'll never know it, but everyone needs help.
People benefited from a middle class, you are considered normal,
They expect you in something formal, though it's easy outside the glass.

Lately can't you see from within your walls, my life is meant to be short,
nothing today is left to report, I will speak in my own halls.

Ears will not notice my heart, nor will eyes ever tell,
I'm stuck under this perpetual spell, it's tearing me apart.

And I shall not burden you, leaving my family alone too,
I'll sever that bond with them in two, one less to put you through.

Seek eternal happiness and I, your inconsistent comrade,
shall help you find another lad, someone easier to pry.

Each day these are thoughts, my canvas, my mettle,
where my pain shall settle, a place to be caught.

Hear, I will not as I am away, call me back in a day or a week,
pester and you will never see the creek, the words aren't painless to say.

Even as you work at me, I promise this is a ruse,
simply antic and mindless banter, I want you to leave it be.

Let it go, it's all okay, I only aspire to be alone,
my glass box is my home, I'll just do it another day.

Past my mind, I let them go, problematic it may be,
this way they shall not see, better they will never know.
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