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by Dragyn
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Maisey tries to change Devon's mind about birthdays
          I hate birthdays. Seriously. I just don't get why they're such a big deal. You were born, an X amount of years ago on this day. Whoop-de-doo. For me, it's just another normal day. I don't feel any older than I was the day before, or at 11:59 pm, compared to 12:01 am of the next day. So what's the cause for celebration?
          Maisey claims my hatred of birthdays stems from the fact that I've never had a proper party. I warned her already, that her claim is entirely incorrect, but she refuses to admit defeat. I also told her, that if she is planning something- because I can tell from the look in her eyes, that she is, she'd better not. I also alerted the office last week, about today. I do not want any cakes, candles, balloons, or hoopla about the day. My birthday is just another day.
          I arrive at the office, and I'm hoping- praying, even, that Maisey can find it in her to leave me alone. Sure, her heart is in the right place, but I just don't like birthdays, and if I don't want to celebrate, then that's on me, right?
          My heart sinks as I walk in. The lights are off. I can tell something's up- I'm on time today, not even early- the lights should be on, already. I can hear whispering.
          Maisey jumps up with balloons in her hand and a huge grin on her face. I turn around, get in my car, and drive home, despite her protests to wait.
          It's only 10 am, so I change back into my pajamas, curl up with my cat, turn on the TV, and proceed to watch SVU while ignoring Maisey's text message apologies blowing up my phone.
          Honestly? It's not even my birthday today. I just put that on the employment application because the police is investigating the company's employment history. And, I wouldn't mind a day off from being undercover. Even with all the hoopla, though, no, I still don't like birthdays.

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