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Who is Chris Lionhart?
I was going through the halls looking for my classes, my eyes trying to take everything in at once. The halls were a

shiny, onyx color with nice, white doors leading to the classrooms. I looked at the schedule that had been given to

me. I had 7 classes; first was Free Period, second was English, third was Science, fourth was P.E. , fifth was

History, sixth was Home Ec, and seventh was Horse Riding. I tilted my head. Horse Riding? Well, whatever... My

schedule had the words "Temporary" stamped on it. I'll try to get it changed later. Break was after Science, and

Lunch was after Home Ec.

I opened the door that had ‘Free Period’ on it and I was stunned. The walls inside were a repeat of the halls,

a lot of black and white there was, while the floor was a polished wooden surface. There were people that were

already in there though. I took a deep breath and entered the room.

They all instantly got quiet. I felt stares from every direction but I ignored them and looked at the

empty desks, wondering where I would sit. There were empty desks in the front of the classroom, but I didn’t feel

like having people stare at me all day, so I looked at the seats in the back of the room. All the desks in the

classroom were in rows but the empty seats in the back were clustered together, all surrounding one desk. I sat in

the desk in the middle and the volume of the whispers increased. I was unaware of what was happening,

before I could figure out my situation, 10 more people walked in, all surrounding one person in particular. I slowly

looked around me and as I put 2 and 2 together, I realized that I was definitely not supposed to be sitting there.

As I hurriedly got up, I turned around and literally ran into someone. I was about to apologize when I felt a

hand on my arm. I looked up and met sky, blue eyes that seemed to hold on to me. It felt like an hour had passed

until a deep voice startled me.

“Hey, are you okay?”

I stepped back and kept my head down.

“Yes, I’m fine, now if you’ll excuse me. . . I tried to go around him, but the next thing I knew I was looking into those

blue eyes again. He seemed to look at me for a long time, like he was examining me.

“You. . . what’s your name?” I felt his eyes bore into mine as he held my chin upward.

“Erika,” I replied slowly.

He looked at me for a moment then a, dare I say, intrigued look appeared on his face.

“Erika. . .” , he repeated slowly.

He smiled, “I like it, rolls off the tongue.” The way he said that made me feel uncomfortable, and the way he

looked at me, like when Scar found his Christmas present back at the mansion.

“Hello there! Whatcha doing?” I looked out of the corner of my eye and saw the girl I had bumped into earlier. . . her

name was Angelica I think.

“Angelica, is this your friend?” asked the deep baritone voice, it made me feel safe, strangely enough. Out of the

corner of my eye I could see Angelica pouting.

“Chriiiiiis, you can’t call me that remember!” I heard the one called Chris chuckle.

“I know that but you’re so funny when you’re angry.” I heard him laugh.

“So, who is she? I don’t need to do a background check on her do I?” I heard laughter behind Chris.

“Um Chris, I think you should let her go now!” A voice laughed out. Chis shrugged and let me go.

“Sorry about this guys, she’s new here and she doesn’t know her way around yet!” I saw Chris eyeing me, looking

me up and down with interest.

“Well, make sure she doesn’t bump into anyone else while she’s here ok?” He then turned to me.

“You won’t get into any trouble right?” He then leaned towards my ear.

“There are a lot of scary people here that wouldn’t bat an eyelash if they did naughty things to a girl like you,” he

whispered to me. My face burned red and I glared at him, wanting to say something but ending up opening and

closing my mouth like a fish.

I can't believe I'm reacting like this! What on Earth is wrong with this boy?

"I’ll make sure she doesn’t bother you guys again!” In a flash, I was sitting in another desk far away from the boy. I

sat face to face with Angelica. She grinned at me.

“Wow! I thought I was never going to see you again; how do you like the academy so far?”

“ It’s okay I guess. . .” I replied.

She grinned even wider.

“Great! Now, time to give you some information. You see that guy who’s checking you out and who you also just talked to?”

I quickly turned my head and locked eyes with the boy who had the blue eyes. He was pretty tall, with beautiful

golden blonde hair and those eyes that could see right through you. He was noticeably muscular, with tanned skin

and he was making absolutely no effort to hide the fact that he was watching me. When he saw me staring back he

winked, resulting in a frown from me. I never was good with the opposite sex, other than my cousin; they annoyed

and terrified me.

“Yeah, that’s Chris, he’s one of, maybe the most, popular guys in this academy. Everyone knows and loves him. I

remember when one of my teddy bears was taken and about to be ripped up, he saved it”, she

explained with a smile.

I raised my head slowly and noticed some more people gathering around this… Chris; he seemed so. . . glowy, as if

there was a spotlight turned on him.

“Yeah! But he’s also a notorious player, known for breaking A LOT of girls’ hearts, He’s also known for never dating

a girl for too long. He’s dated a lot of girls, most of them popular and rich. He’s the son of the president of the

Lionhart Corporation, Jack Lionhart, and his mother is Jessica Lionhart, who has a clothing company called Lionhart

Styles with her clothing line that’s called ‘What’s Not To Love?’. He has a cousin named Sylvia Olson who is 17

years old, a champion horse rider, and a lover of fencing; she doesn’t really approve of Chris’ hobbies but she

doesn’t really do anything about it since it’s his life. I heard that he once dated this one girl and that, after he dated

her for a whole week, he dumped her. Do you know how angry she got? She got all yelly and vowed that she would

never let him date another girl again as long as she lived."

"Now whenever he gets a new girlfriend, which is basically whenever he feels like it, she makes it her mission to make that girl miserable for as long as the girl stays in the

school, or until he dumps the girl himself!“ Angelica finished, taking a deep breath in the process.

I frowned. This girl sounded ridiculous. Well, as long as I stay away from him, I doubt I'll get roped into this. The bell

rang and everyone started to get up. I walked out of the classroom and was about to to go find my first period, when

I was suddenly pushed into the wall.

“It's nice to see you again.”

I looked up and mentally slapped my forehead.

"So much for staying away from Chris," I sighed.

How will this turn out I wonder?
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