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Sakura, Hinata, Hanabi, Ino and Kushina have a competition to be the biggest.
It was a warm and sunny day in the Leaf Village and things couldn't possibly go bad. Sakura was taking a stroll threw town wondering where Naruto disappeared to. They were suppose to be training together and he just took off. He wasn't at home for his mother said he took off earlier for some reason. Of course she was looking in all the wrong places. She took off for his favorite ramen shop and found him there like usual stuffing himself.

"Come on Naruto. We're suppose to be training right now." Sakura said.

"We've been training on stop for the last week. You looked like you could be nothing but a skeleton." Naruto said.

Sakura admitted her clothes were a lot looser than they should be or originally was. That and she was quite thin. She looked at Naruto and knew he had a stomach to eat a ton. She got an idea. She saw Hinata and her younger sister Hanabi while looking for her and asked Ino while looking for him. Sakura decided to have a little competition with them plus Naruto's mother Kushina. When Naruto finished, he rubbed her stuffed gut and that was her plan. She would challenge them to an eating competition. The biggest bellied girl would be the winner.

"So, why did you summon us here?" Ino asked.

"It's quite simple. We're going have a little competition. The biggest belly wins." Sakura said.

"What are the rules?" Kushina asked.

"Only one, do not explode."

They got ready and hoped for the best. A bowl of ramen was put in front of them and they got ready. They had a slight plan to win threw cheating one way or another. Kushina secretly put a hose into her butt and started the water. The competition started and they began to eat. Ino was right next to Kushina and noticed she was growing a bit too fast for how much she was eating. In all, Kushina ate the most so far at 6 bowls. She then noticed something going into her dress. Taking a closer look, it was a hose and it led out of the little building and to a valve.

"Kushina's cheating. She must want to win a all costs." Ino thought.

She made a clone and it opened the valve all the way. When Kushina finished her 12th bowl, she realized what's going on. She held her belly as it continued to expand bigger and bigger. Ino smiled and watched Kushina as she continued to get bigger and bigger. The others continued on and watched Kushina ballooning up like a water balloon. They kept eating more and more while more and more water filled her up. Her belly began to push her back against the counter. Her stool began to tilt back and she tried to keep herself up but that wasn't easy.

"She's using a water hose and that's how she's getting so big, so fast without eating." Ino said.

They looked and saw the hose lead from a valve outside the building up to Kushina and under her dress. It wasn't long before Kushina couldn't hold on to the counter from the size of her belly. She fell back onto the ground and couldn't get back up. It kept kept getting bigger and bigger by the second until she couldn't get any bigger. Her belly was big enough she could have Hanabi in her and she would have plenty of room to move.

"I got quite big but I can't get any bigger and lost." Kushina said.

Kushina blew up leaving nothing but the shredded remains of her green dress and strands of her long red hair. That's one down and 4 more left. They kept going and Kushina wasn't the only one that was cheating. Hinata started to focus her chakra into her belly and began to inflate her bigger. She was at her 30th bowl and kept going with eating and filling up with chakra.

"Big sister's cheating. I can't let her do that." Hanabi thought.

Hanabi used the Hyuga Technique to interfere with the Hinata's ability to lose control with the chakra intake she's doing. Hinata's eyes widened as she felt the chakra intake increase dramatically. She looked at Hanabi who had a smile on her face. Hinata held her belly as it continued to swell up bigger and bigger. Sakura and Ino looked at the Hyuga sisters and watched Hinata balloon up like Kushina. Unlike her, Hinata tried to eat more and more. She couldn't continued on when she hit 32 bowls.

"Goodbye Hanabi. Get as big as possible and don't explode." Hinata moaned.

She kissed her sister before giving her a strong wack on the head. Hinata tried to take another bowl and managed to stuff her 33rd bowl into her. Her belly was as big as Kushina's before blowing up. Like Kushina, all that was left was shreds of her clothes and strands of her hair. Hanabi soon regreted what she did to her sister and just wanted to join her. She was the youngest in the group and thought to be the next to go out through giving up or blowing up. They looked at the younger Hyuga and saw how much she ate. She picked up her pace and finished her 40th bowl. Ino and Sakura did as well and wanted to win. Hanabi continued to eat more and more by the bowl full and wanted to win. She soon was rubbing her belly with one hand and eating as best she could with the other.

"I must win for my sister or explode for her." Hanabi thought.

Sakura and Ino were amazed that she can eat so much and continue on. The others did as well and hoped to win. Hanabi pushed to the lead with ease and kept going. Though her lead wasn't long lasting. The small girls belly continued to push out with more and more ramen. She soon stopped when she finished her 100th bowl. She felt like she couldn't go on and her belly and clothes showed it. Hanabi pulled her elastic pants up as far as they can go and tucked her belly into her shirt as well and rubbed it. It was embarrassing to have her stuffed, stretched out red belly exposed to people see. Ino and Sakura looked at each other and smiled.

"Come now, Hanabi. A girl like you must win and be the biggest." Ino said.

"Yeah. It's a shame you're so small. A girl like you needs to eat up and get nice and plump." Sakura said.

"But I can't eat anymore." Hanabi moaned.

The girls kept feeding Hanabi more and more ramen beyond what she can take. When tears formed in her clothes and tears running down her face as well as how she moaning, they knew she was as full as she could get. In all, Hanabi ate 140 bowls of ramen. Everything began to come up and Hanabi did her best to keep it down.

"She's going to blow!" Ino said.

They let her go and Hanabi took off running. It was a struggle but she managed to get to a safe place. To mess with her some more, Ino used a jutsu that would send all she eats to Hanabi. Sakura did the same thing and they continued on. Both of them stopped at 75 each and now Hanabi's already packed belly began to fill up more and more. To make things worse, the jutsu they used preventing any from being lost any way possible. Hanabi was balling her eyes out as her belly got bigger and heavier. She held her growing gut as the ramen continued on coming. It wasn't long before her belly ripped out of her clothes completely and was touching the ground. Sakura remembered something about the jutsu they used. If the person they used the jutsu on dies, the contents of their belly would rapidly multiply until they explode. Sakura sensed that Hanabi was about to blow and looked at Ino. Ino was still eating away like the pig she is. In all, both girls were at now 90 bowls and pushed Hanabi from 140 to 170. Sakura stopped her connection to Hanabi and stopped eating all together at her 96th bowl. When Ino reached her 100th bowl, that was it. A familiar explosion came from down the road a bit and that was it for Hanabi.

"I guess you win Ino. I can't eat another bite or I'll burst like the others." Sakura said.

She spun around in her chair and leaned back against the counter. She patted her belly and had enough. Though she could eat more but wants to make it all go to Ino's head. Ino smiled and put her 100th bowl down.

"I knew you couldn't beat me. You only got to 96 bowls and can't go on without blowing up." Ino said.

"I could eat more but I'm not a pig ready to blow." Sakura said.

"You could? Wait, you've done this before?"

"Once with Naruto and beat him. In all, I had a total of 160 bowls."

Ino's eyes widened when she said that. She then she thought of what she said a second before. She would normally be infuriated being called a pig but she called her a pig ready to blow. Ino rubbed her belly and looked down in terror. She felt it happening and it surged forward. It hit the counter in front of her with some force that caused her some pain. Sakura used the jutsu on Ino and resumed eating. She passed the 100 bowl mark and watched Ino balloon up from her continuous eating and the effects of using the jutsu on Hanabi. It surged forward again and the force caused her to fall back. It surged more and more above her every few seconds while it painfully stretched out more and more from Sakura's eating. Sakura soon reached and past 160 bowls and knew that Ino couldn't take anymore. She ended up blowing up like the others on bowl 190 to Sakura's satisfaction. She kept eating until she couldn't anymore herself. Sakura let out a sigh of satisfaction, victorious, stuffed to burst and happiness as she set down her 230th bowl.

"What do you think Naruto? Like a girl with a belly like mine and can eat plenty?" Sakura asked.

Naruto didn't reply for he was too busy looking at her belly. She got up and held her belly as she walked back to Naruto's place. Sakura felt like she could explode if she bumps into something wrong or eats another bite at her size but knew Naruto loved it. Despite that, she ate some more that night that her parents made for her to make Naruto happy.
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