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The art of day-dreaming
I’m in my happy place. Insulated, protected from cold hard reality, not isolated, no never that.

The world is always within my grasp, a single step away, if that is what I need.
Ah, but here, within this cozy cocoon of my own design, I can be what I please, and do anything my imagination can conjure up for me.

Leaning back, I feel the Earth, gently, slide away. Sights and sounds, of the material world fade slowly but surely into this temporary oblivion. Some distance ahead, the ties that once held me captive, will start to unravel and slowly drift off into the ether , like weightless wisps on a wayward wind.

I can fly like a dove, I can soar to the heavens now, perhaps even far beyond. I can delve to the foggy depths or deeper still. I am no longer earth bound, no longer tied to one place or time. Endless possibilities, boundless adventures are all but a dream away.

I don’t have to pinch myself, and wonder if I’m dreaming, I know I am. Oh, but what dreams these be!
Sometimes I am in the world, well, not this world, perhaps, but another, maybe, or in an alternate universe, Where the sun always shines, the skies are always blue, and there’s a pleasing scent of Honeysuckle, Sweet pea and Lilac in the air.

I am young here, and free to run like the wind, to romp and role around like a carefree child, in a dewy meadow, or to climb high amongst the Cherry Blossoms.

Here, where a gentle brook babbles gently by, a tuneful flock of Plovers, Wrens or nightingales sing a medley of my favourite songs. Peacefully then, I meander from scene to scene.
Sometimes an adventure on the high seas, or Skyward scaling some snow kissed mountain peak, or sightseeing in places I have neither vocabulary nor willingness to attach to world weary passages. Perhaps that is a task for another time or place, Who Knows?
For the present though, in this blissful state, I will awaken refreshed to face a bold new day.

For now though, I wish you sweet dreams, and happiness always,

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