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A Mononet Poem
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Countless worlds colors can be found anywhere
Twinkling night stars, or planets in their vastness
Shades of sky blues, dazzling beauty in the air
Tall mountain ranges colored sturdy fastness
Life colors everywhere, life colors everywhere
Pastel baby clothes sweetly bring happiness
Fire blazing hot red for an intense flare
Flamboyant hats, coats, and ski boots, more or less

Fairies rainbow, once bright, slowly vanishing
Worlds creatures and birds boast their colors gaily
Iridescent forests, green ever changing
Sun behind clouds or glowing very proudly
Both bright and whispering, both bright and whispering
Names of crayons surprises amazingly
Blue coastal waters glistening and waving
Serendipity appears enchantingly

Life Colors everywhere
Serendipity appears enchantingly

Written for "WDC 18th Birthday Poetry Challenge
Poem Prompt: Mononet Poem

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