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Todays world and judgy people
Whenever you see people out in town, do you wander what there story is ? Where there from what there history is? I sit and ponder what type of people some people are. I do not judge them I simply watch them and see if they help our elderly that helped this country become what it is today. I watch the people that truly need government assistance and those who just abuse the system to get free steaks every month. Myself as a mom of two, when I take my children into Walmart, the grocery store etc, I worry that people will judge me because my kids are a year and 5 months apart. That's my choice, I buy for my kids before I buy for myself, I buy them way more clothes than they ever need, shoes toys etc. Just because I am a stay at home mom doesn't mean I am poor, it means I want what is best for my kids and I would rather stay at home with them and watch them grow and learn everyday than them show what they learn new to a babysitter.

I am not a judgey mom, if you breastfeed that's fine, I wanted to but I take a heart pill everyday that I cannot stop or my heart will stop therefore I cannot breastfeed my children. I had two kids close together and people thought that I had kids just to show those that cannot have kids a haha moment. I am simply living the way god intended me to.... One day at a time.

So next time you see a mom trying to struggle to get both kids in the car by herself, or tackle the grocery store with her army of kids, or next time you see a mom on the side of the road crying... Do not judge her just simply pray to god that she finds comfort in whatever it is that she may be troubled by..

Until next time.....

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