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Marcus is heading into the unknown.
Uneasiness kept Marcus' eyes glued outside his backseat window. Something tonight wasn't quite right, and he hoped his two buddies up front, Deshaun and Kenneth, weren't taking him on a ride where they'd end up getting into trouble. Maybe it was the absence of music that Deshaun always blared, or the absence of casual conversation. Listening to the roar of the 1975 Impala motor didn't sit right with him. It's like his buddies had their minds occupied on something important. Marcus clinched his fist and felt his heart thumping in his chest.

"Hey, guys?" Marcus' voice shook. Deshaun and Kenneth never turned around or answered him. He leaned on the front seat between the two and said,

"Hey, what's up? Where are we going?" Kenneth turned his head slightly. Marcus caught the gleam of a streetlight in his eye.

"Are you sure you wanna know, man?"

"Yeah, I wanna know. We're not gonna do something we'll go to jail for, are we?"

Kenneth smiled and faced Marcus. Marcus held his breath and didn't blink.

"Nah, we're not gonna do nothing like that. We're gonna check out the old Potter house."

"What the...! The old Potter House? You must be joking! I don't wanna go there?"

Deshaun spoke, startling Marcus. "What's the matter dude? You scared?"

"You're damn right I'm scared. I've heard the stories about that place. Nobody goes there since that crazy family killed all those people then themselves."

His body leaned sideways as the Impala turned onto Jacob Street. The house was nearby.

"Come on guys. Let's not do this! That place has bad mojo! Please don't do this!"

Marcus watched as the Potter House came into view. Deshaun slowed down almost to a stop, then hit the gas.

Kenneth turned and yelled, "Ahh! You got punked, dude!"

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