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Two people meet through an online dating app and begin a romance through text messages.
Write a story told only through text messages.
Dialog #1
Guy online: Hey there, UR cute?
Girl online: You’re not so bad URself.
Guy: Name’s Stan.
Girl: Melanie.
Stan: Wanna chat?
Melanie: Sure, why not.
Stan: Glad I came to Tagged.
Melanie: U R?
Stan: Yes. My friend said I try online dating, but was a little iffy on it?
Melanie: Not N2 dating on the web?
Stan: It’s not that? Hard 2 no who U can trust.
Melanie: I hear ya.
Stan: So, what do you say we just close R accounts and send texts?
Melanie: OK.
Stan: My # xxx-xxx-6789
Melanie: Here’s mine # xxx-xxx-2345
Stan: OK. Closing my account now. Send U text N few.
Melanie I’m doing the same.
Dialog #2
Stan: Mel? Can I call you Mel?
Melanie: Sure.
Stan: So what do you do 4 a living?
Melanie: I’m a freelance writer.
Stan: Sounds interesting. I’m a truck driver.
Melanie: Ooh. What do you transport?
Stan: Hazardous materials.
Melanie: Wow! Isn’t that dangerous?
Stan: Yah. But it pays the bills.
Melanie: U got a point.
Stan: What do U do 4 fun?
Melanie: Read, write, watch tv, movies.
Stan: Interesting.
Melanie: What do U like 2 do?
Stan: the same.
Melanie: Stan, I gotta go. My mother is calling.
Stan: OK. TTYL. Bye.
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