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What happens when a guy has a dinner party for the three most unlikely people in his life?
Write a story where the protagonist has dinner with three unlikely people.

I didn't want to do it: a dinner party with my ex-wife, new girlfriend and my mother. The possibility of it being an eventful night was slim-to-none. My mother hates my ex-wife and she has yet to meet my new girlfriend. But my girlfriend said that we should help my ex-wife with her problem.
You see, my ex-wife hasn't had the best of luck in the dating department since we split. She has met nothing but total jerks since she started dating again. I really feel for her since she is the mother of our 2-year-old daughter, Drea.
But my mother has had nothing but contempt for my ex-wife ever since we married. Celia, my ex-wife, has bent over backwards to please my mother—who is one hard person to please. I can't even please her most of the time. My mother has always been on my case for my bad choices, Celia being one of them.
I am just biting my tongue until the three women in my life finally meet.....
Chapter 1
Well, it’s about half an hour before my mother, girlfriend and ex-wife arrive for the dinner party.
I am dressed in my corduroy jeans and a sweater. I see my mother’s car park outside my home. Of course she’d be dressed to the nines, not to mention be early. She’s always the first one to arrive. She always said that she arrived early to parties because she didn’t like to miss the drama.
Next to arrive was my girlfriend, Cherrie. My mother’s first reaction was one of uncertainty. Maybe it was the fact that Cherrie was dressed in her stripper garb because she had just gotten off work and had no time to change.
Finally, Celia arrived with apologies for being late. She had to get Drea from the daycare after work. That excuse sent the rage through my mother. She couldn’t understand why Celia would put Drea in daycare when she could just as easily watch her granddaughter. Celia told my mother that she wanted Drea to have socialism skills. But my mother kept insisting on nagging Celia (and me) to babysit Drea.
Well, after the babysitting fiasco, I was wondering what they would think of the menu: takeout from a chicken wing restaurant.
When the delivery guy arrived with dinner, Celia and Cherrie loved it, but my mother turned her nose up at it. She expected a full-course dinner. But I didn’t have time to make that kind of meal….
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