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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Fanfiction · #2169610
A bandits mission gone wrong
It was a warm and sunny day outside the walls of the Leaf Village and a familiar duo was out on a mission. They were told it was suppose to quite easy for it was only one bandit but she proved to be anything but easy for the Uzumaki's. It was bad enough when she was giving them a tough fight but now they were tied up and weaponless. To make things worse, the rope that was binding them together was doing more than that. It was blocking then from using any chakra.

"Great, no way out of this." Kushina said.

" I have an idea." Naruto said.

"What do you mean?"

Naruto managed to get one of his arms free from their bindings and dug around in his pocket. After a couple seconds, he pulled it back out with something in it. It was a special pill he was going to use for one of his pranks. Before she could ask what it's for, Naruto shoved it into her mouth and waited. Kushina doesn't understand his plan or the purpose of the pill.

"Give it a second." Naruto said.

After a bit, Kushina felt something happening. Her belly began to push out like a balloon and was soon followed by her breasts. They continued to swell up before stopping. This was a good start but not enough. Despite seeing and feeling what's happening, Kushina still didn't know what's going on. She put it together and figured out his plans. Before she could say her dismay about this plan, Naruto had a handful of the same kind of pills ready for her. She was about to say something but he shoved the pills in her mouth. Kushina then let out a moan of pleasure and discomfort. Her belly and breasts continued to balloon up.

"Despite the tight restraints, this feels good." Kushina said.

The rest of her body began to inflate as well. The ropes weren't the only thing digging I to her as she inflated. Kushina looked behind her and watched her son slowly being sunk into her. He looked up at her and smiled. It didn't take too much longer before the ropes gave out and they were free. There was on other problem and it wasn't now escaping. Kushina was floating and might float away if not held down.

"Now let's get out of here." Kushina said.

Naruto grabbed her hand and took off running. He held right to her to ensure she doesn't float away. Despite the situation she's currently in, Kushina actually enjoys this one. She has been the victim of many of Naruto's pranks and was glad this one was not a prank but a ninja escape plan. There was something else going on which was the cause of Naruto's sprint. The bandit was after them. Naruto then got an idea. When he gave her a slip, he set his mother up for a trap. He told her everything and she agreed. The female bandit soon found them, or at least Kushina. She approached the inflated woman carefully but was soon pushed from behind by Naruto. She fell into Kushina's arms and knew this was bad.

"Now for your fun." Kushina said.

Kushina locked lips with the bandit in a loving and lustful kiss. While engaged, Kushina blew all the air into her which caused her to deflate. Kushina was back to normal while the bandit floated a couple inches off the ground.

"Naruto, the rest of the pills please." Kushina said.

Naruto have them to her and Kushina shoved them down her throat. The woman began to inflate more and more while her body creaked and moaned. Kushina let her go as they took off. The bandit floated higher and higher off the ground to her demise. By the time they returned to the village, the bandit reached her limits and was a good distance off the ground. They watched in astonishment at her size before exploding. Kushina was glad that it was the bandit instead of her.
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