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To live your life without having regrets

There's one thing in my life
that I will not allow.
To die with regrets, what ifs,
whens, and hows.

Life can be a challenge
full of troubles and woes.
But it's something you strive for
to see how it goes.

You can play it quite safely
avoid heartache and pain.
Yet without taking chances
what's there to be gained.

You can live like a hermit
or run far and wide.
But you'll find in the end
there is no place to hide.

Cause you are who you are
and life is what it is.
If you choose to ignore it
there's so much you'll miss.

The risk of adventure
a love never known.
They can only be found
outside your comfort zone.

Don't put yourself in a dungeon
lock the door, toss the key.
Chance a step out of prison
and I think you will see.

Life's not all about safety
as people want you to think.
It's running up to that cliff
stare out over the brink.

So go hedge all your bets
run things your own way.
Pretending life is just perfect
and everything is ok.

When your in the darkness
with no light to be found.
When scared or you're lonely
and no one else is around.

Things can be different
if you step out in faith.
Letting hope and love
fill that empty space.

Take what life has to offer
in all its splendor and glory
Keep adding new chapters
to your life's untold story.

Spread your wings, soar freely
living not in fears debt.
have a life full of wonder
not one of regret.
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