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A magical moment in a boy's world.
He was running. His arms were spread wide like a soaring Eagle; catching every gust of wind. His feet leaped through the tall grass, all rustling as he ripped past them. Around him, a bunch of little yellow suns were popping out of the greenery. He was shrieking and laughing with joy, relishing the fresh, oxygen-rich air billowing against him. He was but a child of eight. He was having the time of his life. For he didn't yet know of the adults' loss of the magic of their youth. He didn't know of the evil many hearts harbor. He knew only of the love of those around him, their smiles when he was with them, and the care they devotedly gave him. He saw only a world where every person was a friend; where everyone wanted the best for his fellow man. Running in the warm sunshine, his innocent heart was overflowing with trust in the magnificent beauty of the universe and the innate goodness of mankind.
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