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Surrounded by nature, I can plumb the depths of my soul.
A droplet of water falls from a glittering green leaf with a small plunk. A chirping bird hops sweetly from branch to branch. A beam of golden sunlight pierces through the thick canopy overhead. The soft rushing of water joins the gentle breeze in its whispery melody. It's a beautiful place surrounded with the magic of the forest. The sounds of man are absent, there's no need to go anywhere. I can just be... I can feel the delicate glory of God's world fill and envelope my being, I can feel my heart expanding. I can let go of all my burdens, allow my soul to soar, and probe my depths, my core. What drives me? What do I want? Who am I? Who do I want to be? Images of laughing children, of a world united in love and harmony, whiz by within me. When I drop all my accumulated grievances, my love for all of mankind, my intense desire for a world untainted by fear and evil, shoots forth with immense force. I dream of a time when every human being God and bask in his everlasting embrace. At our deepest points everyone is good, and if allowed to, every person would shine his own unique glow. But I can feel my own discriminations rising back to the surface, my dislike towards certain peoples with different aspirations. And that's okay. I'm not perfect. At least I yearn for the me I can become; when I'll be able to look at anyone and anything and see the beauty inside. One day we'll all know that Earth is a wonderful place.
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