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A stolen idea from a viewer on a twitch stream. This is a one off story.
         You'd think you were dreaming if you were in my shoes. Sitting in a tight middle school desk next to twenty plus animals of various shapes and sizes in a small suburban classroom. Where this classroom was, I couldn't tell. It was really the least of my concern. I couldn't catch my jaw whilst it hit the floor in pure awe of the situation. As far as I knew, I was a human being. I could walk of both legs, I had natural pale skin and hair on my head. Looking at my body in the current scenario, I was pushed even further from my sanity. What am I? The body seemed too unfamiliar. many tiny legs the size of grass blades. A fleshy torso lined with marks representing my bizarre abs. The most idiosyncratic feature was the shell the covered my back and caressed the fleshy layer i mentioned before. Everything I mentioned was colored like white rice, yet smelled of garbage boiling in summer heat. I tried to move my legs, which came naturally to my surprise. What sent me for a loop was the appearance of two thin arms from the side that had the length of an average soda can yet contained five distinct phalanges. It felt and moved like a human arm, the one I had once before. I leaned my crustacean body along the back of the desk. This doesn't make any sense. It HAS to be a dream, I thought. As I let my mind wander in confusion for a bit, I decided to take count of my other classmates and see how many of each animal I could find made its appearance.
         After a minute of tallying the specimens, I found there to be one house cat, three elephants, two giraffes, four rhinos, one hermit crab, five otters, three chipmunks and a turtle, all human sized and shaped as well. After the many outlandish discoveries made before, this didn't bother me as much as I though it would. From what I could tell, I wasn't able to speak in this state. Probably because I didn't have any vocal chords. Either way, it seemed they were all speaking as well. It definitely wasn't the average animal noises i would expect to hear, in fact it sounded like some sort of human language. I just didn't know what it was.
         HOOOOOOOOK. In an instant, a sliding door in the back right corner of the classroom (a.k.a. right next to me) slammed open. Every animal in the classroom proceeded to rush to a specific desk, most likely designated for them and them only. I gathered my bearings and darted a look towards the doorway. Strutting in was a dog, A poodle to be exact (in human shape, of course) that couldn't have been more that five feet tall. She then spouts the first bit of English I've heard that wasn't within my thoughts. "Good morning you disgusting barn animals."
Ouch. For some reason, even I felt a bit hurt by that. Barn animals? In context, it made no sense. The entire class comprised of anything but barn animals. Nevertheless, I brushed it off as she made her way through the isle just left of my seat. Her strut was one of snob. She seemed more distressed about being near us rather than being at her job. As she passed me, she stopped dead in her tracks and flashed a look of disgust in my direction. At least, it looked like disgust. Dogs are so hard to read.
         "Filthy isopod." Her voice was evil in intent. I felt a sense of nervousness cloud my brain. At first, I was insulted yet intimidated. I wanted to say something back, but felt as if doing so would only cause more trouble for myself. Before I could finish my thought however, I felt a bit of relief in knowing exactly what I was. An isopod. Sounds kinda cool.
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